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The day of Santo Albino is March 1. Names guide for boys

The day of Santo Albino is March 1. Names guide for boys

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There are names that do not leave anyone indifferent; one of them is Albino. If you are looking for one of those names for boys that is loaded with strength and that no one ever forgets, this may be a good option. Also, did you know that The day of Santo Albino is celebrated on March 1? There is no better way to start the month than with a small celebration in honor of your son. We tell you everything about the origin and meaning of this name and we talk about its saints.

The Albino name is original like no other, although it is loaded with a great history and tradition. The origin of this name is Latin and, as you might have imagined, its meaning refers to white. And the fact is that this name comes from 'Albus', to which is added the diminutive -inus or -ina, which had patronymic value. Therefore, it could be concluded that, in its origin, this name must have been given to those children who were born with very light skin or hair.

The saints of names dedicate on March 1 to celebrate the day of Santo Albino. There are different theories about which saint truly celebrates his name day on this day. On the one hand, there are those who say that this is the date dedicated to the ancient saint Saint Albino of Vercelli. Little is known about this holy man who was a bishop who gives his name to a city in northern Italy, in the province of Bergamo.

Like this saint, who also celebrates his saints on March 1, there is talk of San Albino of Angers, who was a bishop of the French city of Angers, from which that name was given. This is a highly revered saint in the Gallic country and one of the most admired religious men during the Middle Ages. And it is that until today the stories about the miracles that he worked and about his great heart to help those most in need have arrived.

Other dates on which the Albino saints are celebrated are: September 15, in honor of Saint Albino of Lyon; and on December 16, by Santa Albina.

Now that you know why the saint of your son Albino is celebrated on March 1, we are going to know some curiosities about this name.

1. There are Albinos all over the world
The name Albino may not be the most frequent, however, there are Albinos all over the world. And it is a name that has spread to all corners, undergoing very small variations from one country to another. For example, this name in German, Croatian, French or Finnish could be translated as Albin; in Catalan, Albí; in Italian it is Albino; in Latvian, Albins; in English, Albin.

2. Famous people with the name Albino
Since Albino is such a different name from the rest, there are not many famous people we can name. There was a Spanish footballer named Albino Rodríguez Leal ... and another named Albino Piñeiro. It is also the name of a politician, as the leader Albino Colón Alonso was called.

3. The city of Albino
As we mentioned before, there is a town in northern Italy, in the province of Bergamo called Albino. It has about 18,000 inhabitants.

4. What is albinism?
Since albinism comes from the root 'albus', which means white, it is the name that has been given to the genetic alteration in which the eyes, skin and hair of those who have it do not have melatonin and, therefore , tend to be very clear.

Albino is one of those few names that refer to a color for its meaning. Do you want to know other names for boys that also refer to some key? Here are some of them!

Do you like the name Flavio? It is indisputable that it is elegant and distinguished like none other. Did you know that it comes from 'flavus' which means 'yellow' or 'gold'?

On the other hand we have the name Mauro, which comes from Greek and means 'the dark one'. And that is how all those who came from Mauritania were called.

This beautiful and fashionable name is of Germanic origin. It means 'dark', therefore it also refers to the entire duller range of colors.

If you are looking for a brilliant name for a boy Oriol is an ideal name. It is of Latin origin and means 'gold'.

And finally, we propose the name Marino, a masculine version of the name for girls Marina. Its origin is also Latin and means 'the one who comes from the sea'.

And finally, we propose a fun game: find out what number corresponds to Albino's name. To do this, we have to go to numerology, which tells us that each of the letters in this name has a value. We must add them all, including their results, and in this way we will know better what the children who bear this name are like.

In this way, we must take into account the following distribution: A (1), L (3), B (2), I (9), N (5), I (6). When we add it, we have the number 26, which, if we add it again, we obtain that the number that corresponds to the children named Albino is 8.

According to numerology, children of number 8 are very active and talkative. They love to be always doing different activities, trying new games, learning something new or living new adventures. They are children who from a very young age willingly assume their responsibilities and always comply with what they are committed to. It is our task as parents of these little ones to accompany and guide them so that they grow up confident and always with a smile on their faces.

If your son is called Albino or if you are thinking of calling that baby in your womb, we have a reminder for you: remember to congratulate him on March 1, the day of Santo Albino!

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