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The costume shop. Funny story for children

The costume shop. Funny story for children

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This tale of 'The costume shop' is a fun and original story for children, by Azucena Zarzuela. The savanna animals They go to a new costume shop because everyone wants to dress up as another animal. Can a giraffe disguise itself as an ant or fly like a bird, a hippopotamus? Check with your children by reading this beautiful story for them.

Marcos really liked animals. Since I was a child I could listen to them and understand what they were saying. It was a gift that she had inherited from her grandmother Clotilde. For this reason, for many years he had worked as a translator for these so that the rest of the children, fathers and mothers could know what their pets wanted and needed.

Thanks to this he had made many different friends and he had found out that, like all children, animals also liked to dress up. However, with their legs, hooves and wings they had a hard time making their costumes. They used fallen leaves from the trees, but they cracked; stones that were joined with snail drool, but these were heavy ... They needed help.

And that's how Marcos opened his costume shop for animals. There you could find everything: hats with colored feathers, capes of shiny fabrics, masks, swords with lights, princess dresses ... and it was always full of creatures.

The lady giraffe he wanted to dress up as an ant, but all the costumes were too small for him. So Marcos decided to have it custom made. Mr. Crocodile liked the hen costume and the German Shepherd puppy, the clock one. Mrs. Ant wanted to be a ferocious lion and Mr. Cat chose the mouse. Marcos had to convince the Mr. Hippo that even if he sewed soft feathers to the wings of his eagle costume, he could not fly with it. Lady Mariquita couldn't make up her mind, she doubted whether to dress like a turtle or a coffee pot. On the contrary, Mr. Topo was clear that he wanted to be a shoe.

It was all a lot of fun and it was hard to know who was who, but everyone was very happy to be able to play dress up. And to thank Marcos for opening the costume shop, they decided to choose a day to celebrate a carnival in honor of all the animal friends.

Did you like the story? Look at your child's face and you will have the answer. Now comes the second part: to know if they have understood the story and for them, from our site we propose some reading comprehension activities.

1. Reading comprehension questions

- What gift did Marcos have?

- From whom had Marcos inherited his gift?

- What did Marcos do to help the animals to have a costume?

- What did the animals want to dress up as?

- Would you like to have a gift? What gift?

- If you had a gift, how would you use it?

2. Order the paragraphs

- Mrs. Mariquita was not making up her mind, she doubted whether to dress as a turtle or as a coffee pot.

- And to thank Marcos for opening the costume shop.

- Mrs. Giraffe wanted to dress up as an ant, but all the costumes were too small for her.

- For many years I had worked as a translator for these for the rest of the children.

3. Look up words

- Within the text there are many animals, could you list five?

- Now you have to find five verbs that are in their infinitive form.

- And, finally, point out two proper names that appear in the text.

There is no specific day (or an hour) to tell stories, but it is true that, taking advantage of when we are at Carnival, stories related to costumes can be shown to children. Don't you think For this reason, here are some readings for your little ones.

If your child is like Marcos, the protagonist of 'The Costume Shop', and adores animals, don't hold back that feeling because children who live with animals develop certain qualities that favor their personal development! According to experts, the little ones who have pets are more tolerant, balanced, resistant and sociable.

It also makes children more responsible, since they have to take care of the animal: feeding it, taking it for a walk, cleaning it ... And, among the most beautiful things there is, highlight how they play with them and like animals, despite not speaking, they return the gesture. This it will help children learn to value things and allow them to find a way to express their feelings.

Many animals live in flats in the city, but that does not prevent their owners from taking them on trips to more natural environments, which will also be a great advantage for children and adults. And is that the spending time in the field makes children have better health, greater self-confidence and become more autonomous and awake people.

Animals keep us company, but they are also the protagonists of many stories. With them we can learn rhymes, discover new values ​​and even review grammar rules with dictations where they are the protagonists. You do not believe it? Check it out for yourself!

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