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Saint Victor's Day, March 10. Names guide for boys

Saint Victor's Day, March 10. Names guide for boys

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Pregnancy is full of great moments. First the news that you are expecting a baby, then knowing the sex of the little one that you carry inside you and, of course, choosing the name. You have it clear, you like the name Victor for your son, but you want to have all the information about him before sharing this news with all your family and friends. Victor is a Latin name, who celebrates his saint on March 10. It means 'the victor' and its male form is Victoria. Do you want more data? We started a tour by name for kids!

He March 10, Saint Victor is celebrated, martyr, a character who was born in Marseille (France) in the second half of the third century. He was a soldier in the Roman army who converted to Christianity. His luck changed when Emperor Maximilian, known for the massacre he authorized on September 22, arrived in his city.

Victor of Marseilles, as he was also known, would go through the house of the inhabitants of the place so that they would rebel against the emperor and would not be afraid of death, which meant being with Christ. This attitude made him the target of Maximiliano, who asked to be arrested and tried.

His defense that there is only one God, who is the one in heaven, did not please the judges of the court or the citizens, who asked that he be executed. They hung him by the feet and by the handsBut when they brought him down because the executioners had already tired, he drew his strength (nobody knows where or how) and threw the chalice that was there.

He was taken to prison, during which time he entrusted himself to God. In the moment before he died, a voice was heard from heaven saying: 'Victor, you have won'. When Maximiliano found out, he did not want to be buried in a public place, to avoid his veneration, and asked that he be thrown into the sea. A group of Christian peasants recovered his body and buried him in a tomb where sick people came to heal and possessed to rid themselves of evil spirits.

Saint Victor is patron of the cathedral of Marseille, but not only that. Also from the millers, the sailors and he is invoked against lightning and thunder. Curious? Well, wait to read more about this name.

- Victor around the world
Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Italy (several kings of the House of Savoy can boast of being baptized with this name) are the countries where this name is most popular, although in recent years it is gaining strength and becoming popular in America. Latin.

- Famous so called
There are many and varied famous people who proudly wear this name. Taking a historical tour we find three popes and an anti-pope named like that; Within the literary world, we have to highlight the French writer of 'Les Miserables', Victor Hugo. In the world of sports, and specifically soccer, there is the former Barcelona player, Víctor Valdés, and the former coach, Víctor Fernández; and, finally, within the star-system, the actor Víctor Clavijo or the singer Víctor Manuel.

- Victor in fiction
There are also characters from the world of video games or comics with this six-letter name for a boy. The protagonist of the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories; one of the DC Comics superheroes (Cyborg) or the Marvel Comics supervillain, better known as Doctor Doom.

- In other languages
It does not have any diminutive, but we can with different ways of writing or pronouncing it. In Greek it is Víktor, in Basque Bittor, in Portuguese Vítor or in Italian Vittorio.

As with other names, there is no single date of celebration, so you should not be surprised if your child's grandmother calls in April, September and January to congratulate her grandson. So that you are not caught off guard, we have made a small list of the days when you must not forget Victor.

  • Saint Victor, emerita. April 2nd.
  • Victor. April 2nd. 26 of February.
  • Saint Victor of Milan. May 8
  • Saint Victor of Alexandria. may 17th.
  • Saint Victor I pope. 28 of July.
  • Saint Victor of Mauritania. 26 of August.
  • Saint Victor of Nantes. August 29.

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Victor is a six letter boy's name. Did you know that behind each one a number is hidden? V (4), I (9), C (3), T (2), O (6) and R (9). If you add all of them until there is only a single digit left, the figure obtained is 3. And we tell you all this because according to numerology we can discover the personality of people through the number that governs their life.

- Positive traits
They are like sponges! They learn everything they see! And they are very observant and are always aware of everything that happens around them. In addition, these are children who assimilate knowledge quickly, which will make them the 'highlights' of the class. Another quality of the number 3 is its ability to make new friends and rise with the title of 'excellent communicators'.

- Negative traits
The fact that they are so sociable can be something that, if not controlled well, can turn into a defect. They can become very self-centered, getting angry when they are not the center of attention or when someone disagrees with them. This also has another negative consequence: they are quite selfish.

You like the name Victor, but ... you think there is something missing! Maybe another boy's name and thus have one composed? You have two options: Víctor's name is the first or, also, that it is the second. We present you proposals and you select.

- Victor ahead

  • Victor Jose
  • Victor Jesus
  • Victor Andres
  • Victor Abraham
  • Victor Alexander

- Victor from behind

  • Luis Victor
  • Mario Victor
  • Gabriel Victor
  • David Victor
  • Daniel victor

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