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Saint Gabriel's Day, February 27. Names for boys

Saint Gabriel's Day, February 27. Names for boys

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Gabriel is a name for boy of Hebrew origin which means 'the strength of god', a name of great musicality that can be perfect for your child. To mention one of the archangels, the name of Gabriel is surrounded by beauty and tranquility and although it is not one of the most frequent names, it is very familiar. Celebrate your name day February 27, which is the day of San Gabriel de la Dolorosa.

February 27 is one of the days that the saints calendar dedicates to grandparents, parents and children named Gabriel. This is the day that the feast of San Gabriel de la Dolorosa, since this was the day in 1862 that this Italian saint passed away.

Gabriel de la Virgen de los Dolores, as he is also known, was a young man born in Assisi (Italy) into a very large family. One day, while participating in a procession of the Virgin through the street, he had a vision in which the Virgin It told him that he should be part of the religious community. The young man left what, until that moment, had been his life and became a Passionist brother, known as Brother Gabriel.

Within his religious life, Gabriel stood out for being very pious and devoted to Christ. He died years later due to tuberculosis, although it was not until 1920 that he was canonized. It is considered the patron of young people and students.

If you have a Gabriel in the family, it is possible that they will also celebrate their saints on September 29. And this is the day dedicated to the archangels San Gabriel, San Miguel and San Rafael.

In fact it is thanks to the archangel Saint Gabriel that this name has remained so popular with children of all times.Gabriel is a figure that appears in the three major religions. He is known for his functions as a courier.

According to Islamic tradition, he was the one who revealed the Koran to Muhammad. And according to Christianity, the archangel Gabriel was the one who announced to the Virgin Mary that she was going to conceive the Messiah, the baby Jesus. In the many paintings that have been made throughout the history of art on the Annunciation, they show Saint Gabriel as a very beautiful and powerful angel.

Let's know some curiosities about the name for children Gabriel!

1. Gabriel's name and its variants
Gabriel is a name that is used all over the world. In the most popular languages ​​such as English or French, the spelling does not change, only its pronunciation. And we find this name even in Arabic, with the form Jibril.

2. The diminutive and the feminine form
Among the many variations and diminutives of the name Gabriel, we highlight Gabi, Gabor or Gabril, without forgetting its feminine, Gabriela, who has been gaining popularity in recent years.

3. Famous people who have been called this
With the passage of time, the name of your son has come off his religious legacy and is especially associated with one of the greats of literature, with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A Colombian author with essential titles such as 'Love in the time of cholera' or 'One hundred years of years' and who received the highest recognition with the Nobel Prize in 1982.

Numerology ensures that each name corresponds to a number. This is calculated from the sum of the values ​​of each of its letters. In Gabriel's case, we would have to add these values: G (7), A (1), B (2), R (9), I (9), E (5), L (3); when adding it we get 36 and, if we add the figures again, we have the number that corresponds to Gabriel is 9.

Babies who, like Gabriel, have the number 9 in their names they tend to be very smart from a very young age. In fact, many children are always one step ahead of what is expected for their age. This causes them to seek attention for their attitudes and abilities when they are with other children born at the same time as them.

In addition, the name Gabriel implies a sociable personality that fits and adapts to any environment. Gabriel is friendly, affectionate and has great communication skills so it is also a great seducer. Of an effortful character, his determination leads him to achieve success and his desire for the well-being of others makes him the protective figure of the family.

Many parents choose the name Gabriel for its biblical origin and beautiful meaning. If this is your case, before finally deciding on it, you can consider other options such as the ones we propose below. They all correspond to the different archangels. What is your favorite?

- Michael. The archangel Michael is the head of the heavenly army, so many parents have chosen him to name their baby boys. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'nobody like God'. His saints are on September 29.

- Rafael. This is a nice name and with tradition where they exist. He is considered the archangel protector of travelers and health. His name comes from the Hebrew and means 'he has healed'.

- Uriel. More original, but equally successful name for a boy, inspired by the archangel who watches over the lands and temples of God. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'God is light'.

- Sariel. Among the rest of the archangels, we have selected the name Sariel for being different and very original. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'Commandment of God'.

If you finally choose the name Gabriel to call your son (a great choice) you just have to remember one more thing: on February 27 you will have to give him a big hug to celebrate his saint!

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