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The evolution. Biography in a tale of Charles Darwin for children

The evolution. Biography in a tale of Charles Darwin for children

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The theory of evolution and the theory of the origin of species are big words, and we are not going to explain them to children in great detail (at least until they are old enough). However, we can offer you some brushstrokes to satisfy your curiosity and to answer any of your questions. Share with the childrenthe biography in the tale of the great Charles Darwin. They will love reading stories like this with you!

In addition, we propose some reading comprehension questions and more children's biographies of other men and women of science.

It was a very cold winter in Shropshire, England. February used to be like this. Whenever it was Charly's birthday the same thing happened: scarf, hat and waiting for spring to encourage the little bugs that he liked to collect so much to go out for a walk.

When the heat came, his mother would not stop shaking her head ...

- ¡He already brings another beetle! Any day bring me a snake!

His father was closely watching his son's scientific interest, and as soon as he could, he began taking him to the office to help him with the patients. Thus, Charly was getting older and it was time to go to university to get be a doctor, like his father.

'You must make an effort', 'study', “Darwin! Attention! ”… The professors at the university caught his attention, but he was terribly bored. The only thing she liked about being there was when she could hang out with John and learn from him to dissect animals. He loved being able to preserve his critters as if they were alive and thus be able to observe them for hours and hours.

But his grades were catastrophic, so that his father, very angry, pulled him out of there and He sent him to study at another university to be a priest. There, one day his botany professor surprised him:

- Charles! Charles Darwin! How about taking a great trip around the world?

- I accept delighted! So I can see beautiful animals from all continents! - Charles answered enthusiastically.

That was the beginning of a long journey of 5 years in a beautiful boat that was called Beagle.

On his expeditions, Charles collected critters from hundreds of places, observed them, made thousands of notes ...

- This giraffe ... surely this giraffe has had its neck longer and longer to reach the highest trees!

He finally decided to tell the world what he thought about our origins:

We evolve over the centuries adapting to the place where we live. The bodies of animals have been changing according to what they needed!

Charles Darwin wrote a very important book: The origin of species. And so, he became the most famous naturalist, all the scientists congratulated him and even today we study and admire his great work.

Science is excitingNot only as a tool to achieve incredible things, but as pure knowledge, as a development of curiosity for the world around us and also as a source of inspiration.

In a society where relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and living in the moment are so necessary ... There is no better way to stop than to sit and observe nature. Guided observation of nature enhances the innate curiosity of children by its environment.

In this sense, we can ask the children some questions after reading the story aimed at knowing if they have understood the text, but also to get the most out of it by talking about science. We propose the following questions:

- What did Charles Darwin like to collect when he was a child?

- What did your father do?

- Darwin did not like to study medicine, but while he had to do it, at university he learned to do something that he really liked. What?

- Explain in your words what Charles Darwin discovered after his long journey on the Beagle.

- When can we see more insects, in summer or winter? Why do you think this happens?

- Have you ever stopped to observe what ants do?

- What do you think the claws of animals are for?

- Have you ever thought why horned animals are never carnivores?

Darwin was a great man of science whose legacy is very valuable, even today. In order for your children to meet other such important scientists, read their biographies with them.

- The biography in short story of Marie Curie
Who was Marie Curie? What did you discover? Were all your efforts rewarded? What did you face as a woman? Share with your children more information about the life of this scientist who studied radioactivity.

- Who was Albert Einstein?
All children may be familiar with the name Albert Einstein. And it is that his work in physics, and more specifically with the theory of relativity, has opened up new ways of understanding the universe in which we live. But did you know that he got very bad grades in school? Do not miss his biography adapted to children.

- What an achievement Valentina Tereshkova
This woman is not usually talked about much, so her name may not be familiar to you. However, you should know that she was the first woman who traveled into space and circled the Earth 48 times. Do you want to know more about your life?

- Learn more about Leonardo Da Vinci
And, how could it be otherwise, we finished this small compilation of children's biographies with a man who did everything: Leonardo Da Vinci. If we focus on the scientific aspect, we owe him the study of human anatomy, but also the origin of the helicopter.

And, to satisfy your children's curiosity about the lives of other famous people in history, don't miss the best biographies ever!

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