Cupid. Script of a children's play about love and Valentine's Day

Cupid. Script of a children's play about love and Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is one of the most special there is because important values ​​such as love, friendship and also that special affection that are lived within the family are celebrated. How can we talk to children about this important date? How about a theatrical performance? On our site we propose the script of a short play for children that talks about love and Valentine's Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, do not miss any detail that here begins 'Cupido Tarido', the play about love, affection and friendship to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Representing short plays like the one you are going to see on Valentine's Day with boys and girls is wonderful to reinforce important aspects such as self-esteem, love of writing and theater, empathy (children put themselves in the shoes of characters) or creativity. But it is also that theaters like this one are of great help to put aside the shame that the smallest of the house often feel. And if we add to that the fact that they learn something new, we have as a result a perfect educational resource, Don't you think?

Let's go on to see the script for the play 'Cupido Tarido' that talks about Valentine's Day, love and how important it is to know how to appreciate those we have by our side. The play is written with a few animals as characters, if you want to represent it with more children you just have to adapt the script, what fun!

- Description of the play: Once upon a time (make no mistake, it starts out like a story but it's really a fun play) a forest where some mischievous animals lived. Every two by three, instead of playing and having fun, they wasted time fighting and arguing with each other. It was then that our dear friend Cupid Tarido decides to do his thing so that the animals learn to love each other. And in the end ... you'll have to read the script to find out!

- Characters: Cupid Tarido, Lion, Duck, Dog, Deer, Koala and Raccoon. Do you want to represent the play with more children? Add all the characters you want.

- Place of action in which the play takes place: A forest. To do it with children, for example, the school auditorium or the living room of your house will serve you well.

- Necessary material for the staging: Common toys, magic dust, paper, colored pencils and an endless desire to have a great time. On the folios we are going to write something nice about the friend that we have next to us, let your students make this part of the story, it will be of great help to learn to value the partner.

The curtain rises. All the animals are seen on the forest plain.

Lion: (yawns because he's a bit bored) What can we do? Would you like us to play racing?

Duck: Nothing of that! You and Deer always run a lot and you leave me behind like a dizzy duck.

Lion: Come on, cheer up. Today you will surely beat us.

Dog: I don't feel like it either, what if we play treasure hunting?

Koala: I prefer to play tree climbing.

Lion: Yes, of course, with how big I am. Of course not!

Deer: It is not because you are a great Lion, it is because you are not very skilled.

Raccoon: What about you, Deer? You are not very skilled either.

Deer: Well, at least I don't spend the day sitting on the grass like you do.

Duck: Friends, I think this is starting to get ugly.

Lion: Well yes, I better go for a walk.

The animals separate and each go their own way. At that moment Cupid Tarido enters the scene.

Cupid Tarido: Wow! And I thought I was going to enjoy a live race, and it turns out that they get angry, say ugly things and each go their own way, and it's not the first time I've seen them do that!

Cupid Tarido: (walks up and down with a thoughtful face) I think I'm going to have to teach them a lesson.

Cupid Tarido: (looks happy because he thinks he has found the solution) I have it! I'm going to make some magic powders, sure they'll be friends again that way.

Exits the scene. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The animals are in the forest together again.

Cupid Tarido: (speaks in a low voice so that the animals are not aware of his presence) Now that the friends are back together it is my perfect opportunity to sprinkle them with some magical love dust.

Cupid Tarido: (takes something out of his pocket and blows in the direction of the animals) There she goes, sweet dreams!

Lion: How tired I am!

Duck: I also!

All the animals: And we!

Raccoon: What if we take a nap?

The animals are ready to sleep peacefully. At that moment, the cunning Cupid Tarido puts an invisible sheet of paper in each one's pocket (as only the one who has it can see it) on which there are written some kind and beautiful words about each animal.

Cupid Tarido: It is done! I'd better go, the magic powders last a short time so I'm sure they'll wake up right away.

Exits the scene.

Deer: (opens his eyes slowly, he is still a little sleepy) How good my nap was! (Reaches his pocket and looks surprised) What is this? Who has put a folio in my pocket? (He opens it and looks at it carefully.)

Dog: What folio? I don't see anything, your hands are empty.

Deer: Thats weird! Yes I have it right here. (He reads what he puts on his paper in a low voice) 'Dear deer, we just want you to know that we love being by your side and that you are very good because you always help us in everything.' (She makes a happy face when reading this.)

Koala: (he looks in his pocket and also finds a sheet of paper, he doesn't say anything because he thinks they won't believe him either) 'Dear Koala, thanks for your smiles and your wit, we wouldn't know what to do without you.' (He keeps it again happy and very happy because he thinks that his friends have written him that beautiful note).

Little by little all the animals are reading the note they have in their pocket. Each one believes that the rest of the animals have written it. They say goodbye super happy since it is time to have dinner and read the good night story. They leave the scene. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Cupid Tarido is seen sitting in the forest.

Cupid Tarido: Sure it has worked, I'm sure that now the animals instead of fighting will play together. There is nothing like hearing that others love you to do nice things for them. I'm going. They are coming!

He leaves the scene, the animals come in humming a song.

Lion: What are we playing today? Duck, do you want us to go find the mushrooms that you like so much?

Duck: (with a happy face) Okay! And then we can take one of those long walks that you like so much.

Dog: And then we will go to the lake so that Deer can play in the water.

Deer: Great! We can also eat Koala's favorite food.

Koala: Thank you very much friend! Shall we play hide and seek later?

Raccoon: Yes! It is my favorite game.

The friends are left playing in the forest happy and very excited to have each other. Cupid Tarido has achieved his goal!

The curtain closes. End of the work.

What do you think of this play about valentine? We have all learned something from her for sure!

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