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How is the transmission of coronavirus to the baby in pregnancy

How is the transmission of coronavirus to the baby in pregnancy

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The new 2019 coronavirus strain nCoV, which was discovered last December in the Chinese city of Wuhan, so far reaches the figure of more than 24,000 thousand people infected, almost 500 people dead and continues to rage, as Chinese doctors discovered the risk of contagion of coronavirus to the baby in pregnancy.

This news was confirmed a few days ago when a pregnant woman who was infected with this new strain of the coronavirus gave birth to an apparently healthy child, who 30 hours later underwent the corresponding tests to rule out the virus and confirmed that He was infected with the coronavirus, that is, it was certified that it is transmitted in utero, what we call vertical transmission.

Doctors from the Wuhan Children's Hospital declared and confirmed to the state broadcaster CCTV the birth of the baby infected with the coronavirus, this is how the news became known.

Regarding the evolution of the newborn, Dr. Zeng Lingkong declared that his general condition and vital signs were stable, with no fever, no cough, or dyspnea, although his oxygen saturation was somewhat low. He remains hospitalized and under observation of his evolution.

Likewise, Dr. Zeng confirmed the detection of another newborn infected with the coronavirus. The baby was born on January 13 and 16 days later began to show symptoms. He was taken to the hospital and two days later they confirmed that he was positive for the coronavirus.

In questioning the relatives, it was confirmed that the babysitter and the baby's mother were also infected with the virus. And in this case it is not possible to be sure who it was that infected the newborn, if it was the nanny or if the nanny infected the mother and she in turn infected the child.

And another case that arrived last Monday (02/03) with a pregnant woman suspected of presenting the coronavirus was ruled out after the cesarean section was performed, confirming that it was negative for the virus, therefore the newborn was also free of the disease .

Luckily, the contagion from pregnant woman to baby. And that is something that all pregnant women should know for their peace of mind. Recently, in Italy, a woman infected with the coronavirus has given birth to a healthy baby.

In this case, vertical transmission in the uterus from the mother to the baby has not occurred and, after performing the corresponding tests on the newborn, it has tested negative for coronavirus. The mother, meanwhile, remains isolated and under observation to avoid greater risks.

When it is confirmed that the newborn is a carrier of the virus, the important thing is to ensure that it does not greatly affect the general condition of the baby. He is hospitalized and is maintained with symptomatic treatment, always pending any change, until it is considered that he is in good general condition.

On a daily basis, the children's hospital staff is on the lookout for new cases in newborns, as the city of Wuhan is the epicenter of the novel coronavirus 2019nCoV outbreak that is spreading throughout China and foreign countries.

Newborns, like the elderly, are the most vulnerable to contracting the virus and now more than has been discovered the vertical transmission that occurs from the mother to the fetus in utero. The biggest problem is that this 2019nCoV coronavirus strain can be transmitted from human to human, that is, contagion is very easy through direct contact, airway (coughing, sneezing), flugge drops and now vertical transmission ( mother to fetus).

Many people can carry the virus without showing severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing and the presence of pneumonia. So they roam freely on the street carrying and transmitting the disease. For all this, the authorities are taking more severe measures by isolating and quarantining all those suspicious people and possible asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus.

In turn, across the planet and us from, we give the following recommendations:

1. Not having contact with sick people or suspected of being infected with the virus.

2. Wash your hands very well with soap and water and do it frequently.

3. Wear a mask or mask, completely covering nose and mouth. In the case of children under 2 years of age, masks are not recommended.

4. Not being in crowded places.

5. AND consult with your doctor in case of presenting any symptoms.

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