6 signs that a child needs more love and affection

6 signs that a child needs more love and affection

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We live in a society so fast and stuck in the stress of social networks, that sometimes we forget to show what is most natural about ourselves: our love. Perhaps your parents did not teach you to show love, and now that you are a father or mother, you do not know how to express it so that your children grow up with your true love.

But, in the end, the losers are your little ones, who could have a significant emotional deficiency. To avoid this, we teach you to detect some signs that a child needs more love and affection from his parents. Attentive!

We know that our children do not miss details of our behavior, so we have a great mission with them: be the best parents, for them and for us. After all, as the American writer Robert Braul said, 'the problem with learning to be parents is that the children are the teachers'.

'Our children value our love, attention and care for them, depending on the time we dedicate to them.' And we must bear in mind that our children are not going to feel more loved by the gifts that we can give them but for the time we share with them.

The lack of love and affection can have very negative consequences for their development and education, so we must pay attention to these signs that show that they are not receiving enough emotional attention.

- The child develops fear of abandonment
The first evidence of lack of affection is fear of abandonment. A child who does not feel loved is afraid of being abandoned, as he feels that he is not important. Living under that fear will determine a way of being that will lead you to develop adult relationships in which emotional dependence or lack of self-esteem will predominate in your life.

- The child tries to attract attention
The second effect of an affective lack is 'the calls for attention'. Remember that bad behavior is a claim to an inner need and it is very likely that this need is the absence of affection.

- The child feels sad
The third sign is more evident and is shown to us when the child feels sad, listless or angry continuously. These are symptoms that, extended over time, can approach the effects of depression. And it is that, deep down, something similar happens with the fear of abandonment that we talked about before.

- There is a drop in school performance
Another of the frequent signs that a child needs more love and affection is the poor school or sports performance of our children. If they feel that we do not care, they will not be interested in what they are studying or what activity they are doing.

- Use more negative language
Another sign of a lack of love is your language. He will probably use a defeating, negative language, full of discouragement ... He may even use expletives with the intention of drawing the attention of his parents or those close to him.

- Monitor your own behavior as a parent
Now, remember that, for my part, I am more about observing the behavior that we are having as parents, than trying to solve what is happening to our children. That is, if I am not paying attention to my son it is because something is happening to me, so, before solving the situation with him, I must take care of myself and find out what I can do better as a father or mother.

To develop our way of being authentic and genuine, we need feel cared for and loved by our parents; But to be good parents, we need the love and attention of our children.

And how can we educate children in love? Creating an environment of trust and affection with children is essential for them to grow up in a pleasant emotional climate. How do we do it? Here are some helpful parenting tips.

1. You have to explain to children that love is not just hugs and kisses.

2. Show them that there are different levels of love depending on whether the person is more or less known.

3. Tell them that there is also a lot of love in words and gestures.

4. That small gestures such as opening the door to a person or giving him a seat on the bus can express love.

5. That through habits such as giving thanks, they can also show a lot of love and affection to others.

6. With your resignation or assignments you can say a lot to the person you love.

7. Furthermore, we cannot forget that by listening and asking, we can educate ourselves in love.

Love does not always transmit through hugs or kisses. Love is felt through a special meal, a smile, moments of laughter, as well as reading.

Thinking about it, our site has selected some poems that parents and children can share and make love emerge between them. Poems are a good educational and integration resource. Long live love!

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