16 Movies That Teach Children To Cope With Difficulties

16 Movies That Teach Children To Cope With Difficulties

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We watch movies to pass the time, to have fun, to laugh, to transmit values ​​and to share good times with our loved ones. However, many times we also see them to learn things, including knowing how to face adversity. Do you want to discover the best movies for children that teach them to overcome difficulties?

Do not lose detail that surely more than one brings you good memories. Keep in mind that most of these films can be seen in Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video.

There are films with which you laugh your heart out, others that teach you great values ​​such as friendship and others that show us what we can do to face the adversities or difficulties that life presents us on more than one occasion; Movies like the ones we share with you here, don't stop watching them with your children, you'll love them!

1. Home: Home Sweet Home (2015)
This movie is about aliens and also about friendship. An alien who invades Earth and is forced to flee and a girl who goes in search of her mother. They both learn that if you have a friend to support you, overcoming life's difficulties is much easier.

2. Big hero 6 (2014)
A child who is super good at computers, a very special robot and a gang willing to stand up to the bad guy in the movie who wants to end the city. This children's film teaches us to overcome a loss and to manage emotions.

3. Aladdin (1994)
This film for children and not so young also teaches us how we can face adversity and difficulties that often occur in life. Young Aladdin struggles to stand up to the fate that they seem to have imposed on him while Princess Jasmine, for her part, does the same to avoid having to marry out of obligation. How many times have you seen this film? Surely more than one and more than two.

4. The Lion King (1994)
This is one of my son's favorites, the first and all that follow. This film not only talks about friendship and improvement, but about how to overcome difficult moments such as the death of a loved one.

5. Dumbo (1941)
The well-known Disney movie, reverted over and over again, even into a musical, you already know it well enough, right? A small elephant with tremendously large ears that struggles to find its place in the world. Without a doubt, a film full of values ​​to teach the little ones in the house.

6. Finding Nemo (2003)
The little fish Nemo is lost in a coral reef and his father, worried as he can, does everything possible to find him. Another movie with a happy ending that teaches us that no matter how difficult things may seem, we can always do something to fix them.

7. My neighbor totoro (1988)
Last Christmas they put this children's movie in the neighborhood library, I went to see it with my son and I have to tell you that we loved it. It tells the story of a Japanese family that moves to a new neighborhood. The father and the girls have a lot of work to do because the mother is in a hospital. Do not stop seeing it, it has many things to teach you and your children.

8. The mechanics of the heart (2013)
Jack was born with a frozen heart so he got a cuckoo clock. No problem, you can live with him as long as you don't touch the watch hands, keep your anger under control, and never fall in love with each other. This film talks about how to live with difficulties and how to overcome oneself.

9. Brave, indomitable (2012)
Brave, princess Mérida, is not like the others, she is a warrior who faces everything and everyone. He wants to break the stereotypes that many insist on putting and find his own way, one that will not stop being full of difficulties. Do you dare to accompany Brave in this movie adventure?

What movies do we have to show children how to cope with life's difficulties? The ones we have seen before are suitable for all audiences and the ones that you are going to meet now are recommended from 12 years of age.

10. Looking for happiness (2006)
Even if you haven't seen it, it sure sounds familiar to you. A father, after losing his job and separating from his wife, looks for a way to raise his young son, and what if he succeeds, but based on effort, work and improvement. Without a doubt, a film that you cannot stop watching, it will thrill you!

11. Forrest Gump (1994)
Another classic movie that makes us see the importance of giving everyone the same opportunities, with effort and will many things can be overcome, and if not they tell the protagonist of this endearing film.

12. I also (2009)
Laura and Daniel fall in love and live their story just like any couple would, well, not the same, Daniel, who suffers from Down syndrome, has to overcome himself and the difficulties that life puts in his way. If by the way you want to teach your children that we are all the same no matter how different we may seem, this movie will help you achieve it.

13. Billy Elliot, I want to dance (2000)
Talking about a movie for children that teaches us to face and overcome adversity or difficulties in life is talking about Billy Elliot. Self-improvement, the elimination of prejudices, tolerance and respect go hand in hand in this film that tells the story of a boy who just wants to dance.

14. An impossible dream (2009)
This movie is one of my favorites, I will definitely watch it with my son when he is a little older. It tells the story of a mother, who belongs to high society, who takes in a homeless young black man as her son. Together they make him become a professional football professional. Believe me, it is impossible to see it without shedding a tear. By the way, it is based on real events.

15. Life is Beautiful (1997)
Roberto Benigni plays the owner of a Jewish bookstore, a happy owner of life and capable of seeing his good side even when the Nazi Holocaust occurs, and all to make his son see that life can be really beautiful. A film that should be on the list to see with your children at some point in their lives.

16. 4th floor (2003)
Some young people with cancer live in a hospital, and since living means playing, laughing, crying and learning, these children do just that. This movie teaches us how to deal with a tough illness.

And you? How many of these children's movies about overcoming adversity have you seen with your children?

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