8 tips for family leisure to be conscious and responsible

8 tips for family leisure to be conscious and responsible

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Every day, children spend a lot of time doing structured and directed activities, and therefore have very little free time to develop a freer leisure and to enhance other necessary and age-appropriate skills. Fathers and mothers must offer our children a family leisure that is more conscious and responsible. But how can we do it?

Our boys and girls spend many hours in their schools, sometimes they stay even more hours than their mother or father fulfills their school day since it is necessary that they go to school earlier and even leave later. On the other hand, sometimes, in addition to that school day, they carry out activities outside of school hours and let's not forget the boys and girls, who by age already need to do schoolwork and spend hours studying ...

Let us realize that, free time, are the hours that we have left after having carried out all the activities or tasks considered mandatory, from going to school or work, to those necessary on a biological level such as sleeping, resting or washing, going through obligations family or social.

In short and in this reality that we have, there are few hours they have our sons and daughters.

Therefore, today and given these circumstances, mothers and fathers have a great responsibility to seek and offer our sons and daughters, alternative spaces suitable for their age and to its evolutionary moment. Having a responsible and conscious leisure practiced as a family, contributes a great amount of values ​​that, sometimes, otherwise could not reach our sons and daughters.

But, what must we take into account so that the leisure that we propose to our children meets the characteristics we seek? Let's see some keys:

1. Find suitable activities for our children
First of all, we must take into account the age of our sons and daughters, as well as their interests and tastes. It is important that they, within a variety of options that we offer, can also choose what they may like the most.

2. Offer varied leisure
That it be varied, that it covers different social and cultural areas, as well as looking for spaces in nature.

3. Also look for free plans
Plans don't always have to come at a great financial cost. On the one hand, there are a large number of plans organized by entities that are free or have a low cost and on the other hand, with a little imagination and if internet support is necessary, you can prepare a day of leisure in the field or in the park doing games and workshops with family or friends.

4. Fewer screens
Schedule and limit television and video game time and avoid associating it as much as possible with free time as a first resource.

5. Find and have resources for the days you have to stay at home
There are many board games that can be shared as a family, both large and small. You can also do experiments and crafts.

6. Disconnect mobiles
Let's not forget to be present, disconnect our mobiles and connect to our sons and daughters' Wi-Fi, which distract us so much from what is truly important and enjoy accompanying our sons and daughters.

7. Take advantage of children to manage frustration
Take advantage of the different opportunities to learn to manage frustration when you lose, patience and waiting when your turn has not yet come, or to understand the rules of a game and the different sequences to follow. Ultimately, all are learning opportunities and it will depend on the adults that they are in the way in which they are used.

8. Take advantage so that children learn
Do not stop taking advantage of the learning opportunities that can be given in a restaurant or a museum, spaces that are also appropriate to visit and enjoy with our sons and daughters, teaching them to be properly in each place.

Time is something that cannot be recovered, therefore let's make that free time of quality, without forgetting that it is important to also look for quantity.

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