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Baby foods that spoil and become more easily contaminated

Baby foods that spoil and become more easily contaminated

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When we do the shopping, we put the food in the freezer or the fridge, we prepare a meal, we store it in the containers ... All these moments are key so that the composition of the food is not altered and ends up harming our health. Also, it is worth knowing what they are baby foods that spoil and become more easily contaminated and exercise extreme caution with them.

The risk of contamination of baby food is, as in the case of adults, something to take into account to avoid food poisoning, which, although they are uncomfortable and unpleasant for an adult, in the case of the little ones, can be complicated becoming a serious health problem. Usually, It is advisable to follow these tips when preparing the child's food:

- Avoid cross contamination, that is, avoid that raw foods cross with those already cooked, because this way we make sure that the flora that may be present in raw foods (and that we will take care of eliminating when washing or cooking them) does not reach the foods that already we have cooked, recontaminating them.

- Washing vegetables and fruits that are going to be consumed raw is of vital importance, not only to eliminate remains of earth but also to get rid of possible undesirable microorganisms. Although a good thorough wash with water is enough, sometimes we resort to the use of bleach to wash fruits and vegetables. In this case, make sure to completely remove the traces of the chemical compound before offering the food to the child.

- Cooking is also very important, not only because we want to preserve the maximum of vitamins and minerals, but also because, if we cook a piece of meat and / or fish, we must ensure that the center of the piece reaches a sufficient temperature to ensure proper cooking and the elimination of bacteria potentially dangerous to health.

- Any cooked food - without forgetting leftovers - that can be refrigerated and / or frozen can carry a high risk of microbial overgrowth. To begin with, we must make sure that we put the food in the fridge when it is warm and not hot, and that the portions in which we pack the food are the right ones for our child. In addition, when removing them from the refrigerator or freezer, we must fully heat the portion before offering it to the child.

- With regard to the best before dates, it is vital to respect them, especially in foods of animal origin, such as meat, fish or eggs, to avoid that the microbial load of origin in the food prior to cooking has proliferated and is excessive.

By following these tips, we are trying our best to ensure that the food we offer to our little ones is in the best conditions. However, some foods are susceptible to being contaminated to a greater extent than others, what are these foods?

- Vegetable purees
The preparation of these meals consists of cooking the vegetables with or without meat, chicken or fish, and their subsequent grinding, once cooked, with a blender. By using an instrument like the mixer after cooking, we are potentially introducing new bacteria into the already cooked food, which can pose a fairly high risk of contamination.

Additionally, purees are often cooked in large quantities for refrigeration or freezing, which can increase the risk of contamination if not done carefully. Refrigerating and freezing when they are warm and heating them thoroughly when they are going to be offered to the child are vital to avoid toxic infections.

- Fruit porridges
Like purees, the blender represents an added risk, without forgetting that, in general, fruit is usually beaten raw, so it is necessary to wash them thoroughly before preparing the porridge. It is not advisable to do excessively to keep refrigerated, on the one hand because the loss of vitamins and minerals by oxidation is very high and, on the other, since the amount of sugar present in these porridges is the ideal breeding ground for growth. of undesirable bacteria.

- Cereal porridges
As with fruit porridges, cereal porridges are the ideal medium for microbial growth, in addition to the fact that the temperature is usually optimal for potentially dangerous bacteria. They should be discarded if the child does not finish them and never done in excess.

- Formula milk
Again, the amount of sugar present in freshly prepared formula milk and its temperature constitute the ideal environment for bacteria to proliferate, so it is necessary to discard milk that is not consumed. In addition, we must discard the bottles that the child leaves half, since the bacteria from their mouth can proliferate in the milk, contaminating it.

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