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Childish story. Bernardo Elephant

Childish story. Bernardo Elephant

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The story of the 'Bernardo Elephant' explains to the children why the value of respect is so important. The story revolves around a very mischievous little elephant who spent the day laughing and making fun of the other animals in the forest. But one day he receives a great lesson and suddenly understands why he must respect others and treat them well.

Fantastic children's story that transmits values, in this case, it analyzes the value of respect so that the little ones can also understand how important it is to treat others well. Don't stop reading it with your child.

Once upon a time there was an elephant named Bernardo that he never thought of others. One day, while Bernardo was playing with his classmates, he picked up a stone and threw it at his classmates.

The stone struck the donkey Candido on his ear, from which a lot of blood came out. When the teachers saw what had happened, they immediately began to help Candido.

They put a big band-aid on his ear to cure it. While Cándido cried, Bernardo scoffed, hiding from the teachers.

The next day, Bernardo was playing in the field when, suddenly, he became very thirsty. He walked to the river to drink water. When he reached the river he saw some deer playing on the river bank.

Without thinking twice, Bernardo took a lot of water with his trunk and threw it to the deer. Gilberto, the smallest deer, lost his balance and ended up falling into the river, unable to swim.

Fortunately, Felipe, a larger deer and a good swimmer, immediately jumped into the river and helped Gilberto out of the river. Happily, nothing happened to Gilberto, but he was very cold because the water was cold, and he ended up catching a cold. While all this was happening, the only thing the elephant Bernardo did was laugh at them.

One Saturday morning, while Bernardo was taking a walk in the fields and eating some grass, he passed very close to a plant that had many thorns. Without perceiving the danger, Bernardo ended up wounding himself on his back and legs with the thorns. He tried to remove them, but his legs could not pull out the thorns, which caused them a lot of pain.

He sat under a tree and wept inconsolably, as the pain continued. Tired of waiting for the pain to pass, Bernardo decided to walk to ask for help. As he was walking, he came across the deer that he had sprinkled with water. Seeing them, he yelled:

- Please help me remove those thorns that hurt a lot.

And recognizing Bernardo, the deer told him:

- We are not going to help you because you threw Gilberto into the river and he almost drowned. Apart from that, Gilberto is sick with the flu from the cold he caught. You have to learn not to hurt yourself or make fun of others.

Poor Bernardo, saddened, lowered his head and continued on the road in search of help. As he walked he met some of his classmates from school. He asked for their help but they did not want to help him either because they were angry at what Bernardo had done to the donkey Cándido.

And once again Bernardo lowered his head and followed the path to seek help. The thorns caused them a lot of pain. While all that was happening, there was a great monkey that was climbing the trees. He came jumping from one tree to another, chasing Bernardo and seeing everything that happened. Suddenly, the great and wise monkey named Justino jumped up and stood in front of Bernardo. And he said:

- You see, great elephant, you have always hurt others and, as if that were not enough, you made fun of them. So now nobody wants to help you. But I, who have seen everything, am willing to help you if you learn and follow two great rules of life.

And Bernardo replied, crying:

- Yes, I'll do whatever you tell me wise monkey, but please help me remove the thorns.

And the monkey said:

- Well, the rules are these: the first is that you will not hurt others, and the second is that you will help others and others will help you when you need it.

Having said the rules, the monkey began to remove the thorns and heal Bernardo's wounds. And from that day on, the elephant Bernardo strictly followed the rules he had learned.


This story has been sent by Javier Moreno Tapia (Mexico)

The story of 'The elephant Bernardo' It is ideal for talking with children about the value of respect, one of the essential values ​​that we must teach our children from an early age, but also for activities related to spelling and grammar. Here are a series of proposals!

1. Reading comprehension questions
Find out with these questions if your child understood:

- What did the elephant Bernardo like to do that bothered the other animals so much?

- What did Bernardo do that made the donkey Cándido cry?

- What did Bernardo do that made Gilberto the fawn cry?

- What happened to Bernardo that hurt him so much?

- Why didn't any animal want to help him?

- What did the wise monkey tell Bernardo that he had to do in exchange for helping him with the thorns?

- What lesson did the elephant Bernardo learn?

2. Form groups of words
Other exercises that you can do with the children is to group words by semantic field, for example, write on a paper all the animals that appear in the story. You dare? The youngest will not understand the concept of semantic field, but this game will have fun, while the older ones will practice for their next language test.

3. The accents
Those who are already studying accents can do the following activity. Point out the words with accents in the text and say at least one acute word, another flat and another esdrújula.

4. Synonym and / or antonyms
And finally, something that is very fun for the little ones: looking for word antonyms. Here we throw you some suggestion: big, cry, jump, cold or wise. If, on the other hand, what your child has to practice are synonyms, here you have another alternative: walk, eat, tease or fall.

Telling stories to children has a lot of benefits, as it allows us to spend a magical time with them, helps them develop their imagination, encourages the acquisition of new words and develops their attention. But also, something that parents value very much, it is an excellent transmitter of values.

In the case of the story of 'The Elephant Bernardo', the children must have learned that being selfish and making fun of others is not a good thing and that their behavior can have serious and harmful consequences for them. Here we show you other stories with which your children will learn other principles.

- Laura changes city
The title gives us a clue as to how this story can unfold, right? Laura has to move to school because her father has been assigned to work in another city. She is sad because it coincides with her birthday party and thinks that no one will go to her, but ... Find out how it ends ...!

- The bunnies who did not know how to respect
In this transmission of values, in addition to using this educational tool, it is important that parents set an example, because this way the assimilation of certain concepts will be easier. Still, stories like 'The Bunnies They Didn't Know How to Respect' can be very helpful.

- The lazy bird
Have you heard of 'counter-values'? They are those behaviors that children and adults should avoid. One of them is laziness and our mission is to instill in children the value of effort, work and improvement, because all of them can help us overcome difficulties. Once upon a time there was a very lazy bird ...

- The colorful head
Selfishness is an attitude that manifests itself in children from an early age, so from the first moment you must teach them that it is important to share their things with others. It is a feeling that accompanies us throughout our lives, but that we can work on and, above all, control. The best way to talk to children about selfishness is to show them, through this story, that this behavior only hurts themselves.

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