7 short and fun dictations that talk about winter to children

7 short and fun dictations that talk about winter to children

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Thematic dictations are children's favorites and no, we don't say it, they say it themselves! Every time I ask my son and some of his classmates what they liked the most about the day, they always answer that this or that dictation. And as in our site We want parents and teachers to have plenty of material to prepare exercises like these with the children, we have made a compilation with a few short dictations that talk about winter, snow and rain. Are you ready? Let's see them!

Before we start with the dictation exercises, we want to convince you (if you are not quite there yet) about the importance of this type of activity for children of all ages.

Dictations, we have already said on other occasions, have many advantages for your children or for your students, whether they are just starting out in literacy, if they are in primary school or if they are about to move on to secondary education. That is why it is of great importance to have enough material according to the age of each child And, above all, that said material is to your liking, only then can you capture their attention and make the exercise motivated and eager.

And, the dictations are a perfect activity for children to practice and learn the different spelling rules. But, in addition, when making dictations, the little ones practice their ability to listen but, above all, to focus and attend. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that children practice calligraphy and learn vocabulary.

In the lines that we propose below, we are going to see a few examples of dictations that are an ode to winter. They are designed for elementary school children, however, it does not hurt to shorten the texts a bit if you are going to use them with first year elementary school students. You already know that at those ages they tend to get tired soon, so it is better that they do a short dictation every day than they feel frustrated by having to write long texts.

We start with these exercises. We propose you first some prose exercises for the children to review.

1. Winter has finally arrived in the valley, so all the animals, especially the sloths, are eager to take one of their endless naps. So much so that many of these animals won't wake up until spring arrives. Sweet Dreams!

2. There once were two kingdoms, one they called kingdom A and the other they called kingdom B. It turns out that there was a winter when the harvest of the two kingdoms was very poor due to heavy rains. But since both kings were very proud, they decided to have their traditional seasonal party as if nothing happened. There was so much rush that they forgot to invite the magical fairy, so she decided to do her thing and, neither short nor lazy, she showed up at the party with the intention of turning all the guests into toads.

3. I open the window and I only see snow, when will the sun come to melt the flakes with its heat? When can I go outside to play without freezing my toes? And it is that this winter has its good things and its not so good things. Perhaps, while I wait, I should go out and put a sweater on the snowman, lest he get constipated! I will ask my brother Guillermo to accompany me.

4. Four are the seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter. In summer it is very hot, in spring and autumn it is cold and also hot and in winter, which is the season that now touches, it rains, hails and even snows. Which of all the seasons is your favorite?

5. - I don't want to go to my grandmother's house - Matías said to his mother somewhat annoyed while she was preparing the suitcase.

- Don't worry, honey, you'll see that you have a great time - his mother tried to convince him without much success.

- Not! That I don't want, period. At the grandmother's house it is very cold and you can hardly go out to play in the street - little Matías complained, who preferred to stay in the city and spend the winter holidays with his companions.

- You see, son, in the village we can go fishing, picking mushrooms and walking in the forest. These are things that cannot be done in the city. We sure had a great time!

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Let's see now two famous poems that talk about winter. Both are perfect for children to know the use of rhyme and also know who these two authors are.

You can complement the thematic dictation exercise about winter by saying to your students make a picture by the back according to what they have understood. Remember that once they have finished the dictation you must correct it out loud to be able to answer all their questions.

6. 'Winter'. Ruben Dario

In winter hours, look at Carolina.

Half huddled, rest on the couch,

wrapped in her coat of sable

and not far from the fire that shines in the living room.

The fine white angora beside her reclines,

brushing Aleçón's skirt with his snout,

not far from china china jugs

that half hides a silk screen from Japan.

With its subtle filters a sweet dream invades her:

I enter, without making a sound: I put down my gray coat;

I'm going to kiss her face, rosy and flattering

like a red rose that was a fleur de lis.

Open your eyes; look at me with your smiling gaze,

and while the snow falls from the sky of Paris.

7. 'Winter garden'. Pablo Neruda

Winter is coming. Splendid dictation

they give me the slow leaves

dressed in silence and yellow.

I am a snow book

a spacious hand, a meadow,

a waiting circle,

I belong to the earth and its winter.

then the constellated wheat burned

by red flowers like burns,

then autumn came to set

the writing of the wine:

everything happened, it was passing heaven

the summer drink,

and the sailing cloud was quenched.

This is how it's nice to do dictation exercises!

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