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Day of saint Raymond, January 7. Names for boys

Day of saint Raymond, January 7. Names for boys

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Raimundo is a masculine name of Germanic origin in its variant in Spanish. If you have decided to give your baby this name, you will like to know that the children who wear the name Raimundo they are usually communicative, creative and open. They are also curious children, very sociable and supportive with others. Raimundo is a flat or grave word, since its stressed syllable falls on the penultimate syllable. Raimundo is a word that has three syllables.

Raimundo is a name for a child of Germanic origin that means 'the protective advisor', 'good advisor', and although it is not one of the most frequent names, it is ideal for your child as it has an elegant and intellectual air. Many equate this name with that of Ramón, which is much more widely used, although the most common is to use its diminutive Ray. Celebrate his name day on January 7th which is the day of San Raimundo.

The name Raimundo implies an unusual sensitivity. He is a tolerant, calm and prudent person who is contaminating the balance in others. Because of his special way of seeing life, Raimundo is a self-confident child to whom everyone turns to impose order. Prudent and a good advisor, displaying the meaning of his name, he stands out for his eloquence and capacity for conviction.

We clearly see the creative and artistic facet of the name Raimundo in the number of celebrities named after your son. Philosophers, painters and politicians, but above all, writers, such as Americans Raymond Carver author of 'What do we talk about when we talk about love' or Raymond Chandler, screenwriter of the Hitchcock film 'Strangers on a Train'.

But if we talk about artists and writers, we do not have to go so far to find two figures of the current cultural scene such as the writer Ray Loriga, creator of a whole literary trend with his first novel 'The worst of everything' and the musician Raimundo amador, who has taken his fusion of flamenco, rock and blues all over the world.

Although the most particular personality that we find with your son's name is that of a Raimundo in his Catalan version, Ramón Llul, also known as Raimundo Lulio, multifaceted theologian, philosopher, missionary and poet of the thirteenth century, who was firmly convinced of the power of logical reasoning to convert Jews and Muslims to Christianity.

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Raymond is a very old variant of Ramon. Raimundo in feminine is Raimunda. This name is also known in other languages:

  • Spanish: Raimundo
  • Catalan: Raimund
  • Diminutive in English: Ray
  • French: Raymon
  • English: Raymond
  • Italian: Raimondo
  • Portuguese: Raimundo

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