Short and long dictations for children on the spelling of Y and LL

Short and long dictations for children on the spelling of Y and LL

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The Spanish language is one of the simplest that there is because, with few exceptions, words are read the same way they are written. However, there are a series of letters that are usually a headache for the smallest of the house, for example Y and LL. In our site We have prepared a few short dictations so that your children or your students can work on the correct use of Y and LL. You will see that with these exercises these two letters no longer have secrets for them.

You will agree with us that short dictations are very useful for students to improve spelling, concentration, memory and also for them to learn how those words are spelled correctly which in his opinion are more complex.

This time it is the turn of the Y and the LL, thanks to these fun dictations the children will learn, little by little, which words are written with Y and which ones with double L. It does not hurt that when you read something, such as the good night story, you emphasize the words you find in this style. So they can learn grammar rules and reinforce their knowledge through use.

1. Yesterday I saw it rain. People ran through the streets to take shelter in their home or elsewhere, and it is that from one moment to the next they began to fall pointy sticks.

2. Guillermo and Lucas are two good friends. Like every Saturday, they meet in the field to have a snack of pâté and gather their precious acorns. Two squirrels that were passing by are looking to see if Guillermo and Lucas give them two tasty cookies.

3. Seville, star and brilliant are written with 'll'. Yolk, yellow and clown are written with 'y'. Now it's your turn. Write three more words that have 'y' or 'll' like, for example, carving, beach, or paella. What a fun game!

4. The clown went to the birthday party. She is wearing a funny blue striped sweater with a yellow flower in the center. Soraya sees it and can't stop laughing. Yolanda is also invited, although she arrives a little later because she comes from a very distant beach.

5. In May there is a fair called Ode to Spring. This time I will wear a striped blouse. Are you coming too?

6. On Yaiza's birthday we are going to eat potatoes, papaya and salad with mayonnaise sauce. Then we will take a yacht ride.

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7. The stars were no longer shining, the maiden had turned them off. It was then that a white light was seen in the castle that gave off some faint rays of light.

8. The rain quickly filled the sewers with water. Marcos, my cousin, couldn't do anything other than take a sleeping pill.

9. In the valley there is a towel, a fence and a bedside table. The camels and the clown, who eats yogurt and onion, soon join in this peculiar scene. How strange everything seems! I'd better go do yoga on the plain.

10. The kings leave the castle with a majestic step. One has a yellow fish in his hand, the other a plaster hat and the third fell as soon as he stepped outside the castle.

The dictations that you are going to see below they are a little longer. They are perfect for children who are already in the second cycle of primary school, as they are older and have more knowledge.

11. Antonio brushes his teeth every morning and every night. Well, to tell the truth, she does it after lunch too. On his bedside table he lovingly keeps a story that tells the adventures of a gentleman. Before going to bed he reads a few pages and it is there that he discovers that the gentleman is afraid to ride a horse, he, like Antonio, prefers to have egg yolk soup for breakfast and go out to the park to find flowers before he begins to to rain.

One day when Antonio was very tired, he went straight to bed without reading a single page of his favorite book. That same night he dreamed that he was the knight. This time there was no horse, but a yacht. A very large one prepared for him to sail the seas. Upon reaching port, the boy found an interesting dilemma. There was a young woman helping a fish in distress and a man trying to chase away a dragon. Who of the two should he help first?

It was then that Antonio woke up from his dream and, after verifying that his book was still there and that he was not a gentleman, he continued to sleep for a while as breakfast was still a long way off.

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12. The rain kept hitting the glass of his window. Amaya, somewhat scared, lowered the blind. Then he heard how the drops of water swirled on the shelf as if trying to enter the girl's room. She decided to put on the radio for a while, her parents had gone out to buy milk and she did not want to read or listen to the news. A song about the rain was playing on the radio. He said that no one should have the storm, no matter how strong it is, because it is only about drops of water.

Amaya, a little calmer, went down to the kitchen to prepare a chicken sandwich with mayonnaise. When he had finished, he couldn't resist the temptation to eat one of the delicious cakes that were prepared for breakfast. Just then the sound of the key in the lock was heard. His parents were back!

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13. There is a knock on the door, the guests have arrived. Mom opens the door enthusiastically while Dad and Yolanda finish setting the table: a butter chip, a steamed bun, a vanilla-filled chicken dish, waffles for desserts, and orange zest for the icing on the cake.

Marcos and Mom take the guests' coats and offer them a glass of water. Then they all sit down at the table to give a good taste of the delicious food. The glasses are full, the cat has long stopped crying, the last ray of sunshine is gone, and my language class rehearsal can wait. How exciting!

Thanks to these dictations your students or children will know the correct use of Y and LL without any problem.

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