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Calendar of the names of January saints

Calendar of the names of January saints

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There are many fathers and mothers around the world who decide to name their children after the saint of the day they are born. It is a beautiful tradition that unites them for life with the calendar of the saints. It will help all of them to know what the names of the january saints most celebrated. But, in addition, the following calendar will help you to know if your child's saint is celebrated this month. Congratulations to all!

These are all the most important saints we celebrate in the month of January! Is your child's name included? To learn more about the saints of each day, you just have to click or play on the date that interests you. You will be able to know more about the origin and meaning of the corresponding saint names.

- Manuel. The first saint to be celebrated in the year is that of Manuel or Emmanuel. Its origin is Hebrew and its meaning 'God accompanies us'.

- Emma. This is one of those most fashionable names of the moment because of how beautiful it sounds. Its origin is Germanic and means 'strength'.

- Genoveva. If you are looking for a punchy name, this is the one for you. It has a curious Celtic origin and its meaning refers to the white foam of the sea. Did you know that she is the patron saint of Paris?

- Angela. A lovely name for a girl born in January that comes from Greek and means 'messenger'.

- Amelia. Amelia is a very original name that comes from German and refers to German. If you are looking for a strong and elegant name, this can be a nice option.

- Andrew. The beautiful meaning of this name is what makes many parents choose it for their children. It refers to bravery and its origin is Greek.

- Raymond. A name with a long tradition that, although not very popular at the moment, is still liked by some parents. Being very long, there are those who shorten it to the diminutive Rai.

- Maximum. Maximum or Max is a name that conveys power. Its origin is Latin and, as you might be imagining, it means 'the greatest'.

- Julian. This name is of Latin origin and refers to all those of Ancient Rome that belonged to the house of Julio.

- Nicanor. This name, which sounds like history and tradition, has Greek origin and its meaning could not be better: 'victor'.

- Hydrangea. Of Latin origin, this name refers to the beauty of the gardens. Although it is a rare name among newborn babies, we cannot ignore that it is the name of a beautiful colored flower.

- Alfred. Would you like to call your son Alfredo? It is a name of German origin that means 'peace' or 'nobility'.

- Hilario. In a list of the most modern names you will not find Hilario, however, it is undeniable that it is a name that transmits wisdom and experience. It means 'the happy one' and its origin is Latin.

- Felix. This is a name related to happiness, since that is precisely its meaning: 'the one who is happy'. Its origin is Latin and there are many saints with this name who celebrate their name day throughout the year.

We follow the list of names for boys and girls who are celebrating saints in the month of January. On this occasion, we focus on the names of the second half of January. Let's get to know more about them!

- Mauro. If you are considering the name Mauro for your baby, you have to know that it is of Latin origin and that it was the name that was used to call those who came from Mauritaria. Therefore, experts have determined that its meaning is 'obscure'.

- Marcelo. This name, which sounds quite exotic, is of Latin origin and refers to the god Mars or his hammer.

- Antonio. Antonio remains to this day one of the frequent names to call children. You should know that its origin is Latin and that it refers to one of the most important families of Ancient Rome.

- Juan. This name, which has been used for many decades in families around the world, has Latin origin and means 'compassion for Yahweh'.

- Mario. Precious this name! It is of Latin origin and also refers to the Roman god Mars.

- Sebastian. Sebastián (or Sebas for friends) comes from the Greek and means 'honored'. It is a name that many parents choose for their children as it is a very elegant option.

- Agnes. How beautiful is the name of Inés. You may already know that it comes from the Greek and that it means 'innocent'.

- Vicente. 'The victor' or 'the conqueror' are some of the most popular meanings of this name. A name for a champion like your son.

- Ildefonso. This name, which is too traditional for some parents, is of German origin and means 'ready for battle'.

- Francisco. With history and class, this is the name for boy Francisco. Its origin is Italian and refers to those people who come from France.

- Paul. Among all the names for boys of the moment, this is one of the most popular. Its origin is Latin and means 'small'. Do you also like the name Pablo?

- Paula. This is a nice name that some parents shorten for Pau. It comes from Latin and it also means 'little'.

- Mariano. This name is derived from what is related to the Virgin Mary, although some experts assure that its meaning could also be related to the god Mars.

- Thomas. Thomas comes from Aramaic and means 'twin' or 'twin'. Did you know that Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of students?

- Pedro. A classic name that is still a safe choice to call a newborn baby. Its origin is Aramaic and means 'stone'.

- Martina. This name is very popular at this time, as many parents have not been able to surrender to its charms. Its origin is Latin and also refers to the god Mars of war.

If your son or daughter does not celebrate their saint in January, browse the saints for each of the months of the year. You can't forget to give your child a big hug on his saint's day!

Choosing a name for the baby is not an easy task for parents. It requires a lot of responsibility, since the little one will carry it throughout his life. There are parents who choose based on the names of the family, others prefer that the name is related to the name of famous people or even that it is as original as possible. And there are parents who have it clear, depending on the day their baby is born, they have decided to name it the corresponding saint.

Anyway, we give you 10 ideas to make it easy for you to choose the name of your baby.

1. Consult a book or a name guide to assess all the options regarding the baby's name. Although you have already come up with many ideas to call your baby, you can always find others that you had not contemplated but that you love.

2. Take into account the origin of the name, but also the history to which it is related and the meaning. It can help you lean towards one name or another.

3. Consider putting the name of a very dear relative of the family or a friend who is special. A precious tribute to a person who deserves it!

4. Many parents decide that their child inherits, in addition to their genes, their name. It is an option in many families who do not want certain special names to be lost.

5. Take into account the surnames that the baby will have to avoid strange puns.

6. Another alternative is to choose names that rhymeand form a nice compound name.

7. You can be guided by the lists of most frequent or popular names that are published every year.

8. Some parents follow the calendar of names to put their child the name of the saint of the day in which he was born.

9. On the other hand, there are couples who are very fans of a character or person in history and want their newborn baby to be named after them.

10. What if you don't reach a common ground? Then you can ask the opinion to family and friends to find out what their favorite names are.

Congratulations to all the children who celebrate their saint in January!

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