10 good children's resolutions for the New Year

10 good children's resolutions for the New Year

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How to create a plan of good resolutions for the new year with the children


This year, Mom and Dad won't have to chase me around the house to wash my hands before meals, brush my teeth, or go to the shower. Hygiene is very important for health and I will be the one to do all these tasks without my parents having to tell me.

One of the hardest things for kids is sharing, in fact it's also one of the hardest social skills to teach. Children are not ready to share until they are four or five years old. Little by little, and with love, this year we will be able to teach our children to share their toys and materials.

Experts recommend that from one year and a half, the pacifier is only used to sleep and that the baby completely eliminate its use before 3 years of age. If your baby is in this stage, a great purpose for the New Year is to put down the pacifier, always with your help and a lot of love and care.

It is not such a difficult New Year's resolution, it is a routine that the child can acquire without great problems. It may not always do so, but with a number of guidelines and solutions, kids putting away their toys and cleaning up their room is no fantasy.

It is good for children to acquire certain habits of autonomy such as putting on shoes, bathing alone, dressing or eating without help. Children must receive an education in order to be independent. With patience, words of support, and the odd incentive, your child can be more autonomous this new year.

We must educate boys and girls to participate in household chores from the time they are small. It is a way for them to get used to the fact that in a house there are certain obligations and responsibilities to attend to. Why leave it for tomorrow? A good New Year's resolution is to involve the children in household chores today.

Parents must motivate our children so that doing their homework or studying at home is not a boring task. Encouraging them in their tasks, being patient, encouraging positively, or creating a routine will help them to achieve this.

This year parents and children are going to do a good job!

A good New Year's resolution is to prevent children from watching so much television or spending so much time on consoles. A great way to do this is to go outside to play sports. There are so many games and activities to do outside the home that you will surely find the one that most entertains you.

Obedience is part of children's learning. Learning to regulate behavior, to comply with rules is necessary from the earliest childhood.

A good New Year's resolution for children is to be obedient, listen to Mom and Dad, listen to the teachers' advice, and listen to them.

A great New Year's resolution for children is that they learn to be generous, to share, to give to others ... It is not easy for them to learn it, especially at an early age, but by teaching them by example, encouraging them or rewarding them when they are little by little, we will make our children more generous.

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