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Biographies in a children's story about great characters in history

Biographies in a children's story about great characters in history

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Who was Leonardo Da Vinci? And Cleopatra? These names may be familiar to your children, but it is also possible that they do not know very well who they were and what was the legacy they left us for posterity. So that children have a fun first approach to the life and trajectory of some of the great characters in history, here we propose some biographies about different historical figures.

The characters that we propose below, changed the course of events (some for the better and others for their own interests). Be that as it may, all of them will be recorded in history books for posterity. And so it is never too early for children to become familiar with their names.

- The great Cleopatra
Much has been said and written about the life and loves of Cleopatra, ruler of Ancient Egypt. In this biography in story that we propose, the little ones are given more details about their reigns and about the tragic end of their life. Do not hesitate to share this story with your children to take a wonderful trip back in time without leaving your home.

- Leonardo da Vinci
Inventor, painter, writer, scientist, philosopher ... Leonardo da Vinci did so many things (and so many good things) that it is very difficult to place him in a single, closed study plot. He was a man far ahead of his time, so much so that he proposed some inventions that changed the way of thinking of the moment. To introduce your children to a little more about the fascinating life of this Renaissance man, feel free to read his adapted biography with them.

- Napoleon Bonaparte
In the chapter on great conquerors in history, we can tell the children a little more about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Without going into the most lurid details, through this story we can explain that, since he was very little, Napoleon liked to lead his gang. And so, little by little, he became Emperor of France!

- Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi has become one of the most beloved characters in all of history thanks to his great defense and fight for peace. His life speaks of the defense of values ​​such as non-discrimination or tolerance. If you want your child to know more about the life of Gandhi, don't miss his biography.

- Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks' great little gesture of rebellion, not wanting to get up from the separate part of the bus for white people, changed a lot in America. His fight for the rights and equality of all citizens is inspiring for children. Share his story with your kids!

What would become of us without all the scientific and technological advances that these men and women of science gave us? Our world would be so much worse! Bring the lives of these historical figures to your children through these stories that tell their lives, from the earliest childhood.

- Albert Einstein
We all know who Albert Einstein was, but did your children know that when this German was little he got bad grades in school? In addition to discovering more about the great genius that Einstein became, this story proposes a reflection for children: 'that someone does worse results in school does not mean that they are stupid'.

- Marie Curie
When we talk about scientists, we usually get the image of a man between test tubes. Nothing could be further from the truth! Scientific history also has a woman's name, and among all these scientists who had to work twice as hard to earn their gown, we find Marie Curie. This Polish woman's story of self-improvement can inspire many girls and boys to realize that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

- Valentina Tereshkova
His name may not sound familiar to you, however, he is forever marked in history. She was the first woman to travel into space. It gave, neither more nor less, than 48 orbits around the Earth. Wow! Make your children participate in the story of this cosmonaut. Surely when reading this story they also want to become astronauts.

- Galileo Galilei
Thanks to Galileo, among other things, today we can see the stars up close. And it is that this scientist and astronomer worked to perfect the telescope of the time. There were so many investigations and scientific advances that he proposed, that his life is usually fascinating for all children. Read more about Galileo with your little ones.

- Charles Darwin
We do not want you to explain to your children the complicated theory of evolution or the origin of species but ... why not introduce them to certain similar concepts? Share the child-friendly biography of Charles Darwin and let them discover his passion for nature.

Great men and great women have nurtured world culture thanks to their books, paintings, sculptures ... Below you will find the biography of some of them so that your children know a little more about their lives.

- Diego Velazquez
The paintings of the painter Diego Velázquez are authentic works of art. This baroque artist has managed to enchant many generations of artists through his paintings. Therefore, we suggest you share the life of this painter with your children. Also, after reading this story, you can take the opportunity to show them some of the iconic paintings of this painter such as 'Las meninas' or 'Las hilanderas'. Tell them a little about the history of these paintings and you will be able to draw their attention to art. They will love it!

- Ludwig van Beethoven
This short story biography of the German composer is a perfect excuse for children to learn about his life but also to listen to some of his great musical works. Share with your children the biography on Beethoven story.

- Gloria Fuertes
His poems have traveled beyond the years and beyond the borders. If your children still do not know any of Gloria Fuertes's poems, this is the best time to share them with them. Furthermore, in We suggest you read the children's biography of this poet, the children's poet. They will love it!

- William Shakespeare
Who has never heard of Shakespeare's plays! It is clear that the name of this writer is familiar to everyone, including the little ones. However, it is very possible that they do not know exactly who he was and what became of his life. To bring them closer to his writings, you cannot stop reading with your children about his biography.

- Miguel de Cervantes
He is considered the most important writer in Spanish literature. Your children still don't know much about his life? Share your biography with them so that they will also be even more curious to read your masterpiece: Don Quixote de La Mancha.

- Julio Verne
Jules Verne's works were vastly ahead of their time. And it is that, written many centuries ago, they seemed to talk about our future. All thanks to the great creativity and intelligence of this writer.

- Frida Kahlo
The artist Frida Kahlo had a life of improvement that will encourage children to fight for their dreams and to overcome the obstacles that are placed in our way. This painter did not have a simple childhood, but she found in art the best way to express how she felt.

- Federico García Lorca
Share with your children how was the life of Federico García Lorca and how he fell in love with poetry, art, literature ... This story talks about the generation of 27 and a life devoted to letters.

- Sebastián Covarrubias
Not everyone knows who Sebastián Covarrubias, however, everyone has at some point had a dictionary in their hands. This Spanish lexicographer was the promoter of the first Spanish dictionary. How much we owe you! If you want to let your children know more about the life of this scholar and, incidentally, teach them to use the dictionary, we have the perfect story for you!

Books are a magic carpet that takes us anywhere in the world at any time in history. With these biographies adapted for the little ones, children also discover the lives of some of the most important characters in history and, therefore, acquire culture. But, also, reading these biographical stories with your children is a good idea because:

1. It allows you to share a beautiful moment with your children
When your children are older, they will look back and remember all the beautiful moments that you have spent as a family. In a prominent position in your head, the memory of your joint reading sessions will surely remain.

2. They are a source of inspiration
Biographies of some historical figures can be a source of inspiration for children. They will realize that they can achieve anything they set out to do with a little effort, work and desire. These biographies could even develop a vocation that has not yet been discovered.

3. They give wings to children's creativity
The stories and fantasy in books always stimulate the imagination of the little ones. Therefore, there are never too many stories or stories that we read with our children. What a great treasure!

4. Opportunity to improve care
When we read with children, we are working on attention span or reading comprehension. But, in addition, the little ones learn spelling and acquire many words for their vocabulary.

In addition to revealing the lives of some characters who had a relevant role in the story, you can take advantage of these stories to work a little more in-depth on children's reading comprehension. To do this, here are some ideas for exercises that you can propose based on any of the previous stories.

- Find out the answer
This first reading comprehension game is as simple as asking some easy questions related to what you just read. The children will have to come up with the right answer and, if they don't get it right, you will have to re-read the whole story or, at least, the fragment in which it is talked about.

- True or false?
To make the exercise more enjoyable, you can also propose to the children some statements about the biographies that they will have to discover if they are true or false. If they are not true, they will have to look for the justification in the text.

- Who said that?
Suggest to your children different dialogues that are in the story and encourage them to discover which character has said them. To propose this exercise as a game, encourage the children to become dialogue detectives.

- Draw the story
It seems like a light activity, but the illustration of the story can also become an exercise in reading comprehension. And it is that children have had to be attentive to reading to know what they have to draw and how they have to do it.

- Put order to the story
On a piece of paper, write different sentences related to the story. Then cut them out separately and ask your children to order them according to what you have read. A challenge!

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