6 useful lessons that the invisible friend game brings to children

6 useful lessons that the invisible friend game brings to children

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He invisible friend game it's fun, exciting, and great for kids to learn the value of money. We tell you the advantages of promoting this classic gift-making game among children and we tell you everything that the little ones can learn from doing it. Trust me, it will become your favorite from now on. Do you want to put it into practice with your little ones? Keep reading!

Surely you already know it well but just in case we are going to quickly review what the popular invisible friend game consists of to give gifts to friends or family.

To start this fun gift game we will write down the names of all the participants on a piece of paper. Then we will put them in a bag and then each one has to take a name without telling anyone who has touched them. If you happen to take your own name you will have to put it back in the bag and take out a different one. Now comes the most exciting of all, Give a gift to the friend who has touched you! Of course, it must be a surprise and that it is not possible to say until the gift delivery who is who, but to give clues and make the game have more value, we will set a minimum and maximum price for the gifts.

Another good idea is to write next to each person's name three gift ideas that each of them would like to be made, so your invisible friend will have it easier to hit. Of course, it can also be left to the imagination of each. The little ones are sure to come up with wonderful details!

How and with whom can we organize this invisible friend game? We can come up with a lot of great excuses!

- The end of the course
What do you also remember fondly when the end of the course came and you played the invisible friend game with all your classmates? It's a great idea!

- With the family, for no reason
Nor will I forget the times we did it with the whole family, cousins, uncles and grandparents included, just because, because we wanted to get together and have a great time.

- The beginning of the course
Summer is over, classes are resuming and we want an activity that helps students start the next year in a good mood. The invisible friend is the answer!

- At Christmas
Ideal to do at Christmas with the group of your children's friends, with the class or with the family as I did when I was little.

- To celebrate all the birthday together of the class or of all the cousins
This is how we all celebrate it at once and not so much time or money is wasted. By the way, the latter is also one of the advantages of the invisible friend game.

1. Children learn the value of money
As I was saying, thanks to the invisible friend we can teach children the value of things by setting a maximum price for each gift. Children learn to appreciate that a lot can be done with a little and they will also have to use all their mathematical knowledge to buy the detail according to the fixed price.

2. They learn to give gifts
On the other hand, boys and girls know the importance of giving gifts to others and not just receiving them as they are used to.

3. They think about what their friends will like.
They learn to think of their peers as they have to look for a gift that they think they might like.

4. We stimulate your creativity
It is a very fun game and a perfect pastime since the money can be spent on material and make a craft to give to the partner or friend who has touched us.

5. We foster empathy
In turn, we are teaching our children to think about the positive qualities of their invisible friend. This is how you can give the gift that makes you most excited.

6. They learn to make others happy
The invisible friend game is an excellent tool to educate in the mechanics of doing something for others to make them happy.

Now let's see how this activity can be carried out according to the age of the children.

In the case of very young children who still do not know how to count or handle money, the best thing to do is make the game with gifts they prepare themselves. Parents or teachers will be in charge of preparing cardboard, scissors, colored pencils and everything that children need and they, the little ones with their great creative minds, will be able to give free rein to their imagination to make the gift. You will see that they have a good time!

In the case of older children who already know how to count but do not yet know the value of money well you can plan the activity with toys or books. Parents will accompany their children and help them when it comes to seeing the prices, for example, of that story that we think our friend will like a lot. We will also have to leave a coin for the wrapping paper.

For the little ones who have almost stopped being so, they can be given the freedom to organize the game and buy the gift themselves. It doesn't hurt that we go back to the point before the benefits and remind you of them. It is not an activity in which you have to buy to buy, but you have to think about what is most exciting for our friend and give it to him with all our love.

Are you also going to put into practice the invisible friend game with your children or your students? What joy!

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