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The name of Baltasar. Origin and meaning

The name of Baltasar. Origin and meaning

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The influence of the Christmas season is undoubtedly due to the explosion of emotions and feelings that we live. That is why it is not strange to look at Christmas names these days to choose the name of the baby. The three wise men that came from the East can serve as inspiration and this time we look at Baltasar as the ideal name for the baby.

We can take into account many aspects when choosing the name for the baby. From familiar and traditional names to the most modern and original names, but also the time when the child arrives.

Is your baby born in winter? Well then you may find among the Christmas names that ideal name that fits your child like a glove. And among those names related to Christmas, those of the three Wise Men could not be absent. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, which one do you like the most?

The name Baltasar is of Assyrian origin and means 'god protects the king', a meaning closely related to the legend of the three wise men or wise men from the East who came to the portal of Bethlehem to bring gifts to a child who in addition to being king was the son of God. But let's go back to today because this name has not been worn out by use despite its long tradition.

Baltasar may be the ideal name for your baby because it is a forceful and sonorous name that prints strength and character. They say that the children who bear the name of Baltasar are sociable children, predisposed to leadership and with many emotional resources to lead a healthy and happy life. The name often influences the personality of the child, that is why it is so important to choose the best one.

Due to the meaning of his name, Baltasar has certain traits that can positively influence the baby's life. Nobility and dignity, power and protection, all of them will be reflected in the personality of the child who bears this traditional name but at the same time original and also provided with an enigmatic and mysterious halo that we cannot resist.

And the name Baltasar will be a safe bet, not only because it is a Christmas name with all that it implies, but also because throughout history it has been taken from princes to poets, through explorers, politicians or painters. Also, Baltasar is a name known in many parts of the world with only a few phonetic variations from one country to another. So your child can travel wherever he wants and his name will be recognized.

Although there are several dates in the saints to celebrate the saint of Baltasar, the most common and to which all families sign up is January 6. Indeed, the three Wise Men celebrate their saint on this special day when all the children are waiting for their gifts. And your son, that day, will have an extra surprise for being his saint.

But they are not the only ones who have a lot to celebrate that day, write down the onomastics of that day on your calendar in case you know someone named like this:

  • Saint Andrew Corsini
  • Saint Charles of Seze
  • Saint Felix Bishop of Nantes
  • San Juan de Ribera
  • Saint Peter Thomas
  • Saint Rafaela Maria of the Sacred Heart
  • Blessed Andrew Bessette
  • Blessed Macario Abbot

And if you don't want to miss the saints that congregate during the newly released month of January, take a look at our list! There are very popular names, others more traditional and some more classic.

  • January 7, Raymond
  • January 8, Maximum
  • January 9, Julian
  • January 10, Nicanor
  • January 11, Hydrangea
  • January 12, Alfredo
  • January 13, Hilario
  • January 14, Felix
  • January 15, Mauro
  • January 16, Marcelo
  • January 17, Antonio
  • January 18, Juan
  • January 19, Mario
  • January 20, Sebastian
  • January 21, Ines
  • January 22, Vicente
  • January 23, Ildefonso
  • January 24, Francisco
  • January 26, Paula
  • January 27, Mariano
  • January 28, Thomas
  • January 29, Pedro
  • January 30, Martina
  • January 31, Juan

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Baltasar is part of that Christmas legend of the three Wise Men who arrived from the East a few days after the birth of Jesus. The three kings, or magicians, or sages followed a long journey mounted on their camels and guided by a star. When they reached the portal of Bethlehem, they found the child Jesus who, in addition to being the son of God, was the king of the Jews, something that is represented in the offerings of gold and incense.

However, Baltasar, the African Wise King, wanted to emphasize that this special baby that had just been born was also a man. Hence, her gift was myrrh, a resin that is used for cosmetics but also has healing properties. The gifts from the Three Wise Men might seem anecdotal, but they are not. They leave us a gift much greater than gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

What the gifts of the three wise men from the East really represent is the nature of every human being, not just a child as special as Jesus. Why we all have our share of kings, our power; we all have our share of divinity, which we find in our most spiritual life. But above all we are people who experience happiness, but also suffering.

So, let's not just stay in the material aspect of this Three Kings Day and let us leave some gifts under the tree in the form of knowledge that our children can take advantage of throughout their lives. And the first gift, in the case of your baby, will be his name, Baltasar.

And if everything we have told you has come to you little, look at what numerology explains about your child's personality! To do this, the first thing to know is what number accompanies your son from the moment you choose the name of Baltasar for him. To do this, you have to add the figure behind each of the vowels and consonants until you get a single digit, which in this case is 2.

Positive traits
We are dealing with children with a very calm and relaxed personality. They do not like arguments or fights and, in the event that they cannot be avoided, they always try to develop them in a reasonable way and, of course, without aggression of any kind. They are also very affectionate and for them their family is a fundamental pillar that they will take care of and pamper.

Negative traits
Although they have no problem making friends, because they are very open, they do not usually confide their most intimate and personal secrets to everyone and they usually reserve their things for only one or two companions. Sometimes they don't even express what they feel and can become very introverted and lonely people. You'll have to keep an eye on this trait so it doesn't lead to something worse!

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