Short video dictations for children to review Language at Christmas

Short video dictations for children to review Language at Christmas

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Short dictations are a great exercise for children as it helps children learn the spelling rules. In case you want to save time or want to propose a more enjoyable and different exercise to your children or students, you cannot miss these short Christmas video dictations that we have prepared on our site. You just have to press play and we will dictate to the children some very simple sentences with which they can study different frequent spelling mistakes. In addition, we correct the exercise to, incidentally, review what has been learned so far in Language.

Below you will find a small compilation with some video dictations. Depending on the age and the lesson that the children are reviewing in class, you can choose one or the other. You just have to touch or click on each of them ... and hit play!

As you can see just below, we have prepared an exercise to review when you write with G and when you write with J. We also have another activity with which we work on the spelling rules related to B and V. In addition, we propose a dictation in which we work on the letter H. In addition, we work on the use of M before B and P and, finally, we teach you to put the accents correctly.

Shall we start?

In order for dictation exercises to be really helpful and useful for children, we recommend that you keep the following guidelines in mind.

1. Propose exercise as something fun
This type of exercise, when we do them at home, can never be considered as a punishment or as just another task to accomplish. We must present them to the children almost as a game and an activity with which they will greatly improve what they have learned in language classes.

2. Make a dictation a day
Many language teachers choose to do a short dictation a day in class. It doesn't take much more for kids to improve their spelling. If we overwhelm them with too many and very long exercises or with activities that are beyond their knowledge, they could cause them rejection.

3. Prepare the environment for homework
If it is at home where we are going to do the short dictations, parents must prepare the environment that surrounds our children in the appropriate way. In this way, we will be preparing them to get to work with the exercises.

This means taking away from children all possible distractions that could bother them during the study: television, mobile, toys on the table ... We must also ensure that children have the light they need in the room. room and a comfortable temperature.

4. Give you the material you need to make dictations
In addition, and although it seems obvious, we must also give the children all the materials they need to carry out the exercise. This means a pencil or a pen (depending on what you are using at the moment in class) and a sheet or notebook (it is also advisable to follow the school guidelines regarding the type of sheet they use, be it lines, squared or totally white).

Christmas holidays are a perfect time for children to review the language skills they have learned in the previous months. For this, dictations are very useful, but below we suggest other exercises, activities and games with which children can review concepts such as verb tenses or stress rules.

- The game of verb tenses
Verb tenses can be a bit difficult to learn: conjugations, persons, modes ... What if there was a more fun way to learn them than simpler or repetitive memorization? In Guiainfantil.com We propose you a homemade board game that you can prepare yourself from the board that we propose. It will be a more enjoyable way of learning to conjugate verbs.

- Poetry about accents
The naughty accent is a fun poem with which children realize the importance of accents. And it is not the same to say 'doctor' than 'doctor' or 'doctor'. What other words can you think of that totally change their meaning when we change the syllable stress? Share with your children this nursery rhyme that, although it is a bit long, you can learn by heart and recite.

- Superwords technique for children
There is a technique for learning spelling that is very simple but very effective: the technique of superwords. It is as simple as making any word that is difficult for children to spell into a 'superword'. So that they never forget how to write it again, you have to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. From time to time, we will take it out and review it to review it.

- Read stories with children
Reading stories is also very beneficial for children. When children have a book in their hands, not only are they transported to other times and places in the world, but they also learn vocabulary, practice their ability to concentrate and, of course, review how words are written. Children who read a lot tend to have fewer spelling mistakes.

Have a fantastic Christmas ... full of dictations!

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