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Immaculate Conception Day, December 8. Girl's names

Immaculate Conception Day, December 8. Girl's names

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Immaculate Conception It is a compound name for a girl that you can use both together and separately. Conception refers to the act of begetting, while Immaculate means 'that has no stain' and both names of Latin origin are linked to the Bible. The compound name has a clear Christian allusion to the Virgin Mary. Immaculate Conception celebrates her birthday on December 8.

Every December 8, in many countries of the world it is celebrated in a very special way the day of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Purísima Concepción. The name of this invocation of the Virgin refers to the fact that the Virgin Mary was free from original sin when she conceived Jesus. And it is that, according to the Catholic Church, from the moment in which Jesus Christ began to grow in her womb, the Virgin Mary was "full of grace" and completely cleansed of sins. Hence the meaning of the name Immaculate Conception.

The Immaculate Conception is highly venerated in certain countries of the world. One of them She is Spain, of which she is the patron. Every December 8, it is celebrated with a public holiday in which many families go to mass to pray for it. In addition, many people take the opportunity to get together to eat and spend a nice day with the family.

In other countries such as Peru or Argentina the day of the Immaculate Conception is also celebrated. In El Salvador, for example, Shells Day, celebration for which colored lanterns are placed on the facades of the houses. In Guatemala, devout processions are held through the streets in honor of this Virgin. In addition, the metropolitan cathedral of Mexico City is dedicated to her, for example, as well as many other sacred temples in other cities.

If you decide for Conception As a name for your daughter, you have to know that both in English and French this name matches: it will be Concepcion or Conception. More attractive is the Italian name Concetta, which evokes all the romanticism of this country's countryside. The diminutives of Concha, Conchita and Conchi in Spanish, and the journalist and presenter Concha García Campoy or the tennis player Conchita Martínez will immediately come to mind.

For its part, the name Immaculate remains almost unchanged in all languages, but its most used variant is its diminutive Inma, even more used than the name itself. It does not take long for the singer Inma Serrano and the actress Inma Cuesta to come to mind, with which we can add to your daughter's personality a great dose of creativity and a great sensitivity for beauty in art and in nature.

In addition, as a curiosity we will tell you that the Immaculate Conception has been captured in hundreds of paintings by artists from different periods and styles: from El Greco to Ribera or Zurbarán.

Numerology gives a number to each letter according to its position in the alphabet. When we add all these figures, it gives us a number that gives clues about the way of being of the person who bears that name. Next we will see what does numerology say for girls that are called Immaculate, for those that are called Concepción and for those that use the compound name.

- Numerology for girls named Immaculate or Conception
With these two names, something curious happens: for both Immaculate and Conception, the number given by numerology is 7. I (9), N (5), M (4), A (1), C (3) , U (3), L (3), A (1), D (4), A (1), therefore we would have to add all these numbers and you would have the number 34. By adding 3 + 4 we get to 7. On the other hand, C (3), O (6), N (5), C (3), E (5), P (7), C (3), I (9), Ó (6), N (5) which gives 52. By adding 5 + 2, we get to 7.

And what does numerology say for girls who carry the number 7 in their name? One of its main features is his great charisma and leadership. They carry the smile and the joke as their flag, which makes everyone who knows them fall in love with them. They are generally quiet girls, very intelligent and dreamy. They are so calm and stopped that sometimes they need a little push to wake up and eat the world that is waiting for them.

- Numerology Clues for Immaculate Conception
In case you decide to call your daughter by the Immaculate Conception compound, you would have to add the previous figures: 34 + 52, which would give 86. By continuing to add the figures (8 + 6 = 14 and 1 + 4 = 5) we arrive to number 5.

According to numerology, the girls under this number are very active girls with overflowing energy. Since they are very little they tend to be very independent and resourceful, which leads them to always find the tricks to get what they want. In addition, they are characterized by being mentally very fast. What envy!

It seems that compound names are back on trend in delivery rooms. Sometimes they are used to pay a small tribute to two members of the family, but sometimes it can be a very useful resource so that it is the girl herself who decides what she wants to be called when she is a little older. In case you are thinking of giving your daughter a compound name, then we suggest some alternatives that you might like.

- Maria Luisa
When it comes to forming compound names, María is the most recurrent option. It is a classic name that is still very up to date. It comes from Hebrew and means 'the one loved by God'. When we put it together with Luisa, we find a beautiful combination of names. Luisa comes from German and means 'illustrious warrior'.

- Ana cristina
Ana and Cristina form a very balanced compound name, since the first name is short and the second is longer. Ana comes from Hebrew and means 'compassionate'. Cristina, however, is a Latin name that means 'anointed by Christ'.

- Rosa Maria
Elegance, beauty, poise ... This compound name is steeped in tradition and history. Rosa's name is of Latin origin and, as you might be imagining, it refers to the most beautiful flower in all gardens.

- Julia Sofia
Very powerful compound name, valid for any newborn baby. Julia is a name of Latin origin that means 'soft and young hair'. However, Sofia comes from the Greek and means 'wisdom'. It's a winning option, don't you think?

- Tania Camila
When looking for an original compound name, we suggest this one. Tania is a name of Russian origin that is a variant of Tatiana. On the other hand, Camila is a Latin name that means 'the one who keeps the fire'.

- Valeria Esther
Valeria is a very current name of Latin origin that means 'vigorous'. On the other hand we have the name Esther, which comes from the Sumerian and refers to the stars.

Congratulations to all the grandmothers, moms and girls whose names are Immaculate Conception on your special day!

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