The best 14 poems to read to children in 2020

The best 14 poems to read to children in 2020

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To awaken the love of reading in children, we can turn to a selection of short stories or fables, but also poems. The stories told in verse are very attractive for the little ones because they themselves play at guessing the rhyme, since it is very easy for them to retain in their memory. If during the next 2020, you want to introduce your children to the exciting world of poetry, here is a selection with the best poems with values, about the family or by authors like the great Gloria Fuertes!

Poetry is a literary genre that is not always to everyone's liking, as it often forces the person to read between the lines to try to understand the message that the author wants to convey. Even so, it is a literary composition that can be very beneficial for the cognitive development of children for the following reasons:

- Promotes reflection and critical spirit of the child, since, sometimes, poetry does not have a single message but it depends a lot on the state of mind of the person who reads or listens to it.

- It is an especially beautiful medium for Let the imagination fly.

- Due to the language that is selected for its composition and the play of sounds that are established between the chosen words, it allows children to learn new concepts with ease, thus increasing their vocabulary.

- It is advisable to read the same poetry several times in a row, because surely in each of the readings the child will grasp something different, and because that way he will gradually work your ability to concentrate and memory.

- And, of course, used well, poetry can be another resource for parents transmit values ​​to their children.

For all this and, according to the Andalusian Board in a study done on poetry, it is a tool that can be worked both in the classroom and at home with parents.

All parents want our children to grow up to be better people. For them we try to educate them and transmit values ​​such as empathy, generosity, friendship, respect, kindness ... Our example can be the best tool for this, but we can also help ourselves by reading and, in this case, by reading poetry. Here are some examples that can inspire you!

- The two kittens
This poetry is pure learning because with it the smallest of the house will learn to value those who are different from them and to be more tolerant of those who are not the same.

- Poems about peace
From a very young age, children have to learn what peace is and why it is important to live in a world in which peace reigns. We can take advantage of a special day, like January 30, School Day of Non-Violence and Peace to explain it to them, also through drawings and, of course, through poetry by great authors such as Miguel Hernández or Unamuno.

- At recess
As a general rule, children have a hard time learning to share. The example and story of different poems can help you change your attitude and behavior when a child approaches you to ask for something.

- The little ant
Children are exposed to so many daily stimuli (and older ones) that sometimes they forget to live and enjoy the little things. That is why we must make them understand that we must value more what we have, as this little worker ant does.

- The Grumpy Baboon
If your child has a bad temper and tends to show a bad mood towards others, we suggest that you read him 'The moody mandrill', a children's poem with values ​​that teaches them what will happen if they are not kind towards others.

Gloria Fuertes has marked the lives of many children (now turned into parents), and this writer was one of the great influencers of Spanish children's literature. The legacy he has left us is so immense that it is difficult to summarize it, but Guiainfantil.com we have made a mini selection with his most famous poems.

- My grandmother is a fairy
Grandparents play a crucial role in children's childhood from many different points of view: they become second parents (in some cases, even first parents) and give them a lot of love and affection. One way to get it back is through this beautiful poem.

- Don Pato and Don Pito
This poetry has many things to teach children. Perhaps the most important is the error of arguing and getting angry with friends and, on the other hand, it will allow them to practice the sound of the letter P and increase their vocabulary in words that begin with this consonant.

- The dentist in the jungle
This poetry will be very funny to count the days before having to make a visit to the dentist or if your child is afraid of this doctor, and it is about a dentist who is presented in consultation with a crocodile with more than one hundred teeth!

- The leg messes up
A fun word game with which, in addition to having fun and working on memory and concentration skills, children will discover that friendship has no limits.

- The Sleepy King
The Christmas theme is also very present throughout the literary work of Gloria Fuertes and the poetry of 'El rey dormilón' is an example of this. Do you want to know what the Virgin Mary does to keep the child awake when the Three Kings visit him and give him their presents?

Fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, brothers or cousins ​​are the protagonists of these poems with which children will learn the value of family.

- My family
What is the family? If your child ever asks you this question, we invite you to respond with the verses of this poem. You will understand it the first time!

- Mother, take me to your bed
The writer Miguel de Unamuno dedicated these verses to all the women in the world who decide to lead a life deep within themselves. A poetry with which children will learn that we are always by their side, whatever happens.

- My grandfather
'My grandfather gave me only good things' is the final stanza of this poem that deals with everything that children can learn from their grandparents. And since many times the little ones are not aware of it, what better way to make them see it with this poem.

- My brother
The arrival of a brother to the family bosom can be a reason for joy, but also for certain discussions, and it is that the older one can feel 'dethroned' by the new member. 'For me who is Martian because of how strange and strange' says this poetry that ends with a happy ending.

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