Short fables to welcome 2020 and enjoy reading with children

Short fables to welcome 2020 and enjoy reading with children

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Fables have a magical power over children. And it is that in addition to telling them exciting stories that occur between different characters, it also allows them to learn important values. And most surprisingly, most of the fables were written years ago (the earliest dating back to 2,000 years before our era) but they keep their message alive. If you want these short stories to accompany you during the next year, here is a selection of short fables to welcome 2020 with joy and enjoy reading them to children!

Thanks to short fables, children can learn values ​​such as sharing with friends or learning to accept that their behavior can have consequences. But do you want to know what more advantages these stories have for the little ones?

1. They are short stories and with a reduced number of characters which makes it easier for the child not to be distracted and to understand the action that occurs in it.

2. They always have a final moral, that allows us to talk to them about more abstract concepts for them such as friendship, solidarity, kindness, envy or jealousy.

3. In many of them, the protagonists are animals or inanimate characters, something that causes the surprise of the children and positively influences the development of your imagination.

4. By reading in a simple way and not having much length, the child will feel motivated to do it himself and his love of reading will grow.

5. The message that all the fables keep will allow reflection is promoted at home and is stimulated in critical thinking.

6. Of course, read a fable the child's memory will also work and it will help you increase your vocabulary and correct spelling mistakes.

We started this selection of short fables to tell in 2020, with some of the best known to parents. In this way, it will surely be easier for you to voice them and explain to the little little aspects of the story that they may not fully understand.

- The lion and the Mouse
Can there be a friendship between a lion and a mouse? Of course! And this is the main message of this short fable with values: that you can never despise anyone because of your size or because of any other circumstance and that every act done with the heart has its reward.

- The Ant and the Grasshopper
This fable, recreated by Jean de la Fontaine, is very educational because it can teach children that, the work that they do little by little every day at school and at home with studies, can find its reward at the end of the course in the notes.

-The Congress of Mice
Félix María Samaniego is the author of this beautiful short fable starring some nice little mice who teach kids that we can all propose ideas, but that to bring them to fruition you have to agree and, sometimes, you have to give in.

- The witch
Children must be taught that in this life one must be cautious, but not only that, also that we cannot blindly trust those who promise impossible things when they are not able to carry out their life successfully.

- The milkmaid
Everyone wants more, but many times that longing does not let us live in the present moment and makes us fantasize about a future that may be far away. And, about this idea, there is this fable of a woman who thinks what she will get if she sells a lot of milk. What will happen in the end?

Aesop was a famous fabulists who lived in Ancient Greece. Although many of his fables were carried out by Gods, others of them were narrated through animals. Do you want to know which have been those that have enjoyed greater relevance through children, being even republished by other authors? We started!

- The hare and the Tortoise
Many times we think that we are the best in everything, which can make us very vain people, as happened to this hare who thought that, thanks to his speed, he would win the race against a turtle. But many times, effort and perseverance is above all.

- The horse and the ass
Whenever we can, we must help others, because otherwise what happens to the horse, one of the protagonists of this story, may happen by not wanting to help the donkey. And it is that whenever you are denying help to others, you are harming yourself.

- The dove and the ant
'Forced by thirst, an ant went down to a stream, carried away by the current, found herself on the verge of drowning, but a pigeon that was nearby ...'. Do you want to know how this short fable that stands out for its message about gratitude and respect for others ends?

- The fox and the grapes
What happens when we don't achieve something? Many times, instead of making an internal reflection on why what we wanted has not been achieved, we look to another lake and blame others, as happens to this bitch, one of the most recurrent characters of Aesop in his fables.

-The fortune teller
This fable is also very useful for the elderly, who often seek others to tell us what will happen to our lives. Never be fooled by those types of people who tell you that they can see the future when they are not able to know what will happen to theirs.

Although the majority of the fables of Aesop, Samaniego or Fontaine were written in verse, there are also short fables in verse that the little ones enjoy, if anything, more because they are able to jump into finding out the next word. This is a small selection of the best rhyming fables for children.

- The chicken and the pig
Do you want to teach your children what the real difference between being a committed person and an involved person? The story of 'The chicken and the pig', written by the author Rafael Pombo, shows children the importance of gratitude and being grateful.

- The boy and the sheep
Lying and being untrue is not good at all, especially when this action tries to boast of others. Find out what happens to this shepherd who wants to play a 'bad' joke on his companions and shouts several times 'how good the wolf, the wolf is coming!' when it is not true.

- The goose that laid the golden eggs
This short fable can be found in verse or prose, so children will have a choice. But in both cases the message is the same: you have to try to appreciate what you have.

But this is not all! Here we present you short thematic fables: about love, about friendship, in English, with dogs as the main character ...

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