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The dangers of the cavalcade of the Magi for children

The dangers of the cavalcade of the Magi for children

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Neither Christmas Lottery day, nor Christmas night, nor the Holy Innocents, nor New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve, the star date of Christmas for most Spanish children (and also for many Mexicans) is 5 January, better known as the night of the Kings. Among the traditions for that day is going to see the Cavalcade of the Magi with the kids in the neighborhood, although each time it is becoming a risky activity. Do you want to know what we mean?

The excitement with which my daughters wake up on the morning of January 5 is incredible. His eyes get even bigger and his smile fills his entire face.

As if time were going to pass faster, from the first hour they are awake thinking about all the things that they will live that day that, by the way, they behave wonderfully, and that I always tell them that there is a little hole in their room by the which Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar can see what they do at any time of the year.

They are restless and do not stop looking out the window, in case their majesties from the East advance their visit and arrive for lunchtime, but it does not happen, so after preparing their favorite dish (macaroni bolognese), we put the coat, scarf and gloves and we went to wait for the parade in our neighborhood.

We usually arrive early, to get a good place. And, without wanting to be an alarmist mother, I warn them both and remind myself of the dangerous situations that can cloud this magical day.

- Deadly abuses
Unfortunately, this is something that already happened in Spain a few years ago. A truck carrying a float ran over a small boy who had hit the road for candy. The ending couldn't have been more tragic for her parents.

- Choking
During the parade it is typical for the pages to throw candy at the children and these, many times, out of anxiety, put it directly into their mouths. If your child is small, be very careful because he can choke on it and, like the previous case, unfortunately it has already happened too.

- Bumps and falls
The desire of children, and also of many older people, is so eager to fill their bag of candies (many times they go straight to the trash, but the 'important' thing is to take many) that if you have to take a child or a grandparent for ahead, well done! And I say it that I lived it in the first person last year.

- Theft
For that day, no purse! The best is a backpack put in the front and, if you have money, put it in the pocket of the jeans. It is almost a holiday, but some take the opportunity to make their 'August' and ruin our day.

Everyone takes to the streets that day to see their majesties from the East and it is easier than we think for children to run away or get lost. Do you want to know what my tricks are?

- On the one hand, vstretch the two equal girls to identify them. If it were the case and I have to look for them, I don't have to think about what the oldest and what the youngest was wearing.

- On the other hand, whenever I go to places where there are a lot of people I usually put something in a fluorescent color to locate them quickly, something yellow, orange, fuchsia ...

- Another thing that is very important is set a landmark. When we arrive at the corresponding place, we all look for a place separate from the rest and I explain to them that if they get lost, go there because mom or dad will be waiting for them.

- Since the oldest is already 8 years old, I have 'forced' to memorize the mobile phone from her father (mine is more difficult) and I write it down for the youngest on a piece of paper and put it in her pants pocket.

- The next thing I'm going to tell you is vital. I explain to my daughters that, no matter how much someone tells them that they know their father or mother and that they are going to take them with them, not to listen. Only if they have seen those people in photos or at home, can they go with them!

If you have taken good note of our advice, surely you have enjoyed the afternoon. But there is still more. Do you want to know how to take advantage of Twelfth Night? Write down our plans!

- Roscón de Reyes
Who doesn't like roscón de reyes? You can order one at the bakery closest to your home or prepare it yourself with the little ones and thus have a fun time and make sure that you put 100% natural products. How are you going to do it, with or without cream?

- Tales of Kings
Who really were the Magi? What gifts did they originally bring? How did they get to Bethlehem and visit the baby Jesus? For your children to discover the true story of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, nothing better than the story of their majesties from the East.

- Movie night
Another family plan that your children will love is to prepare a good bowl of popcorn and choose a movie before going to bed. You have to choose: with a Christmas theme or with values ​​but without being seen about this time of year.

- Table games
And for those who have a hard time going to bed, nothing like a board game session: Monopoly, Parcheesi, Tic Tac Toe, chess, goose! What is your favorite?

And, before going to sleep, we must prepare some food for the Three Wise Men and their camels, and brush our shoes well to leave us near the Bethlehem and that Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar know where to leave us our presents.

Happy nights of kings!

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