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Photocall of elves for Christmas. Christmas crafts for kids

Photocall of elves for Christmas. Christmas crafts for kids

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Photocalls are in! The installation of this small space to take photos within any party or celebration is booming, and it is not surprising. Therefore, in we tell you how to make a precious photocall of elves for Christmas, a beautiful decoration with which you will have a great time these holidays. If you like to do Christmas crafts with children, you cannot miss this photocall!

As you well know, the photocall is a frame or a creative space in which you can take very funny photos. It is the perfect setting to dress up, have fun and even interpret emotions or invent a character thanks to the costumes and accessories that are usually placed inside a trunk or a box. In addition, this activity will allow you to take photos that will bring you great memories and will allow you to expand the family album.


  • 1 large cardboard box
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Cutter
  • Brushes
  • Red and gold glitter
  • Drill
  • White glue or glue gun
  • Acrylic tempera

Once we know what materials we need for this craft, we have to ask ourselves: what do we do the photocall of?

With this craft for children, we will work on some basic painting techniques, we will get to know better the characters that represent these important dates and we will promote values ​​such as recycling, since our Christmas photocall is made with cardboard.

To plan this activity, we have to activate our memory and remember which are the characteristic characters of Christmas, because the first step is to choose one. Let's think! There are several Christmas characters that we can choose from:

- There are the three Magi from the East: Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar.

- There is also Santa Claus, recognized by different names: Santa Claus, San Nicolás or Viejito Pascuero.

- We can also consider reindeerBecause without them Santa Claus would not be able to deliver all the gifts to the children on time.

- What's up the elves or helpers of Santa Claus? They are in charge of managing the list of children's letters at Christmas, they invented the magic toy-making machine and carry out its fine-tuning, designed Santa's sleigh and are responsible for its maintenance… They are fantastic!

That's why ... and after much thought, finally our characters chosen for our photocall are elves. But you can choose the Christmas friends you want!

We start step by step with this Christmas craft! Are you ready?

1. Start by using the side of your cardboard box to make a frame whose measurements are 50 cm high x 80 cm long. If you do not have such a large box, you can reduce all the measurements from 5 cm by 5 cm until they are adjusted.

To get the frame, you just have to draw a rectangle on the inside, leaving a margin of 10 cm from the top and from the bottom, and a margin of 8 cm from each side. Cut out the rectangle with the help of a utility knife. Remember that all the steps in which it is necessary to use the cutter must be carried out by an adult to avoid accidents.

2. Once the frame is obtained, it is time to start painting! In this case, we will use a 'background brush', which is used to apply the paint on large surfaces, and green paint, like the elf costume!

To use the paint, pour a little on a piece of cardboard that you are not going to use, slightly moisten the brush in water and then in the paint. Begin to spread the paint on the surface with the same orientation, that is, you can start applying it horizontally, from left to right, and even continually review from left to right and right to left, but always in the same direction. Keeping this sense, you can slide the brush up or down.

3. Great! We already have the basis to continue moving forward. Now, draw and cut a piece of cardboard measuring 8 cm high x 50 cm long, and divide it into vertical stripes of about 2 cm wide, as we show you below.

Let's simulate the characteristic red and white striped sleeves of the elves' costume. For this we will use a 'pattern brush', preferably flat. We recommend the brush number 3/8 inclined because the cut it has will facilitate your work. You can start by painting the stripes red, and then the white ones. It will be great! HO HO HO!

4. Many elves use a belt to adjust their costume, and buttons to fasten their jackets. Let's reproduce these plugins!

To make the belt, draw and cut out a piece of cardboard 6 cm high x 50 cm long, and a second piece in the shape of a small frame measuring 8 cm high x 10 cm long and 2 cm wide.

Use the '3/8 slanted pattern brush' and paint the first piece black (this will be the belt) and the second piece with yellow paint (this will be the belt buckle).

5. To make the buckle brighter, sprinkle some gold glitter before the paint dries. Then glue the 2 pieces together.

6. To make the buttons, you have to cut out 3 cardboard circles. You can draw them freehand, with the help of a compass or using a round object, such as a highball glass. Paint them black, and use the hole punch to make a couple of holes in each button. We have rolled up some green wool to make it look like they are sewn together.

We are about to finish! Let's go with the last piece.

7. Draw and Cut out a cardboard rectangle that is 12 cm high by 20 cm long. Write a little message, such as 'Merry Christmas' or 'Merry Christmas'.

Use red paint and a 'detail brush' to go over the message. These brushes are round or pointed, so they allow us more precise finishes. Sprinkle some red glitter on before the paint dries to make the phrase stand out.

8. To enjoy the end result, Glue all the pieces onto the frame. All of these pieces will help strengthen it and make it a stronger home frame. Glue the red and white piece on the left side, leaving a small margin. The belt at the bottom, well centered. The buttons on the right side of the frame and the message at the top.

The activity itself is over, but we invite you to let your imagination run wild and customize your home photocall as you like best. Creativity can be limitless! We are going to share some ideas with you.

You can continue painting on the frame anything you can think of: snowflakes, northern lights, snowmen ... or cut and paste other Christmas drawings. You can also decorate it with bells or bells, you can even make a garland by gluing cotton balls or styrofoam to a string of wool. It occurs to us that you can even use a string of lights whose mechanism works with batteries, without the need for a plug, so they will be very funny and very original photos!

Today, in the digital age, we have lost traditions with great emotional value, such as photo processing. Therefore, on our site we propose you take many photos with this elf photocall and then print them to have the most beautiful memory of this Christmas.

And, having photos developed at home has great benefits, especially for children. Having these images in our hands can trigger priceless memories, as well as helping to strengthen ties with our loved ones, and even encourage the development of a sense of personal identity.

Several specialists report the importance of families showing their most valuable photographs outside the scope of social networks, Since the emotional value of a printed photograph far exceeds that of a digital download, and helps to bring the components of a family together by sharing experiences that can become vital.

For this reason, we encourage you to develop the photos that you take during this Christmas and put together a memory album or place some photos around your home as decoration. This will serve to reinforce aspects such as, for example:

- Offer stability
By placing photos in a family album or photo frame within everyone's reach, we provide peace of mind and safety for children, as this fact tells them that all family members are important and valued.

- Generate sense of identity
When you see photos together, encourage them to ask people who are not in the photo to identify them, in this way we stimulate their brain, helping them create their own sense of identity, recognizing their own value and increasing their self-esteem as they comply years.

- Evoke memories
You can take time to review printed albums and photos, for example, once a month, and ask your children to help you remember the stories behind each image.

And, as this Christmas craft is about cutting and painting ... We could not miss the opportunity to talk about the great benefits that painting has for your children.

From what age can we encourage children to paint? In general terms, it is usually considered that between 6 and 24 months, and depending on the capacity of each girl or boy, babies can already enjoy this activity. However, they recommend waiting a year because it is at this time that they more or less stop putting everything they take in their mouths, and begin to feel attracted to pencil and paper.

At this time, it is highly recommended to put colored pencils and large, blank papers within reach where they can make their first strokes and thus practice on the control and force with which they will use the pencil. If we choose a paper that has a white background, we will be able to highlight the colors that the children paint and this will powerfully attract their attention.

Among the benefits of painting for children we find:

- Boost children's imaginations
Painting is a very stimulating activity that enhances creative capacity, imagination and fantasy, without forgetting that it also helps the development and improvement of fine motor skills.

- Helps them relax
Painting is also relaxing. Helps children calm down when nervous.

- It can help the little ones to express their emotions
In addition, painting allows to develop sensitivity and the expression of emotions, a very important aspect to take into account because young children do not yet have all the necessary tools to express their feelings.

You will be able to enhance it even more if you put a little music while you draw. There are studies that reveal that painting and music activate brain areas related to different emotions, such as happiness and sadness, but music is the one that awakens the most emotions, so we encourage you to combine them.

- It allows you to know more about their way of being or feeling
You can also ask them what they have drawn, if we listen to their explanations or interpretations, depending on how old they are, we will understand how they think or what they feel at that moment.

Painting is an art. Perhaps, when doing this type of crafts like the one we just executed, a skill or talent will appear or recognize in your children, or it will become a beautiful hobby, a very beneficial educational activity to carry out during your free time. In any case, adults must show interest in what they do and what they are painting, in order tostrengthen their self-esteem and make them feel loved.

Let's paint life with color, especially at Christmas!

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