Biblical names. Christian baby names. E - K

Biblical names. Christian baby names. E - K

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Find the etymological meaning of the most common names of saints and their date of celebration.Choose your baby's name, consulting our list of biblical and Christian names, in case what you want is to maintain Christian customs and culture in the family. They are names that appear in the Bible, beginning with the letter E through K, and that can be consulted at the time of choose the name for the baby.

If you are pregnant and about to have your baby and all you know is that you want to give it a name of biblical origin, offers you a list with beautiful names for your baby. We help you choose the best name for your newborn:

In this list you will find many proper names, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings vary according to the sources and interpretations.

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17 Most Popular Bible Names for Boys and Girls

If you are already clear that you want to give your baby a name from the Bible and that you also want it to be a name that begins with the letters E, F, G, H, I, J and K, you can find inspiration in our list of names of biblical characters for boys and girls. Here are the most popular ones:

  1. Elijah
    He is one of the greatest prophets in the Bible. Hebrew male name that means 'the Lord is my God', and that celebrates his saint on July 20.
  2. Esther
    Esther or Esther appears in the Bible as a woman who is characterized by her faith, courage, concern for her people, prudence, self-control, submission, wisdom and determination. Esther was loyal and obedient. Its meaning: 'star'.
  3. Ethan
    This name, originally Hebrew from the Bible, is the English form of the name Etán. It is a name 'strong', 'hard' and 'solid' as its own meaning. Famous actor Ethan Hawke bears this beautiful and sonorous name.
  4. Ezequiel
    Ezekiel was a priest and one of the last Hebrew prophets, ministering between 595 and 570 BC. It is an unusual and very beautiful name for a boy, which means 'God is strong'.
  5. Felix
    It is a masculine name that means 'Happy'. It is a variant of the name Feliciano. It is characterized by its strength, its dynamism and creativity. You can be an efficient and determined person.
  6. Gabriel
    According to numerology, the name Gabriel is synonymous with humanity, altruism and sacrifice. It is an angel name meaning 'the man of God' or 'the strength of God'.
  7. Hanna
    Hanna or Hannah is a very feminine, simple and delicate name, possessing characteristics such as sensitivity, affection and emotionality.
  8. Ilana
    Very popular female Hebrew name in families in the United States, France, Hungary, Israel and the United Kingdom. It means 'tree'.
  9. Isaac
    It tells in the Bible that Isaac, a character from the Old Testament, was the second son of Abraham and Sarah, when his father was 100 years old and his mother was 90 years old.
  10. Isaiah
    He is one of the best known biblical characters. His name means 'my well-being is God'.
  11. Israel
    According to the Bible, this is the name given to Jacob upon his return from Mesopotamia, when he had crossed the stream of Jacob. The celebration of the saint of Israel is on September 13.
  12. Jesus
    Of Aramaic origin, the name Jesus means 'the Savior', since, in the Bible, it is the name of the son of God.
  13. Joaquin
    The singer Joaquín Sabina as well as Prince Joaquín of Denmark are just some of the famous people who bear this male Hebrew name that means 'the one who will build'.
  14. Jonah
    Character of the Christian Old Testament, he was one of the minor prophets. The Bible tells that he was held captive in the belly of a whale for three days, then preached the word of God.
  15. Joshua
    Joshua means 'generous' in Hebrew. According to the Bible, Joshua was chosen as Moses' successor as the leader of the Israelites on their journey to the Promised Land.
  16. Juana
    Female name of Hebrew origin that means 'The one who is faithful to God'. It is the feminine form of John, a biblical name that means 'God is merciful'.
  17. Paolo
    This is the Italian version of Paul, who was one of the apostles who followed Jesus. Its origin is Latin and means 'small'.
EDMUNDWho defends their assets16-XI
EDUARDOStrong for its wealth18-III
ELIASMy God is Yahweh27-II
ELISAWho swears to god5-XII
ELYSIUMGod is salvation14-VI
ENRIQUERich in farms13-VII
ERICOThat deserves honor18-V
ERNESTOEagle Power7-XI
EZRAGod help13-VII
SkiaoGood soul, calm26-XI
EUGENIAWell born25-XII
EULALIAThat speaks well12-II
EVARISTOVery nice26-X
EZEQUIELGod is strong10-IV
FABIÁNSon of Fabio20-I
FABIOThat grows beans31-VII
FABIOLAFabio's daughter21-III
FREDERICKPeaceful lord18-VII
FELIPEFriend of horses3 V
FERNANDOBravo in peace30-V
FULGENCIOThat shines16-I
GABRIELStrength of god19-IX
GENOVEVAOf good stock3-I
GERARDOStrong with the spear24-IX
GERTRUDISSpear force17-XI
GODOFREDOPeace with god7-XI
GONZALOFighter in war26-I
GUADALUPERiver of wolves12-XII
WILLIAMWhat does the helmet want10-I
HELIODORGift of the sun3-VI
HERACLIOGlory of heroes22-X
HERIBERTODistinguished by his army16-III
HILDEGARDACombat staff17-IX
HOMERThat you don't see1-XI
HonorWorthy of honor30-IX
HUGOClear intelligence15-V
HUMBERTOGiant featured25-III
IFIGENIAOf much lineage25-IX
ILDEFONSOReady to fight23-I
IMMACULATEWithout stain8-XII
INNOCENCEThat is not guilty22-VI
ISAACThe one who laughs17-VIII
ISABEL - ELISAThe one who swears by God17-XI
ISAIASYahweh's salvation6-VII
ISMAELGod has heard17-VI
IVONIvan or Juan19-V
HYACINTHFlower and gemstone17-VII
JACOBGod protect23-VIII
JAVIERNew house3-XII
JEREMIAHYahweh raises1-V
JERÓNIMOSacred name30-IX
JESUSYahweh's salvation1-I
JOAQUINYahweh prepares26-VII
JOELYahweh is God13-VII
JOSAFATYahweh does justice12-XI
JOSEPHGod will increase19-III
JOSUEJesus, salvation of Yahweh1-IX
JUANGod is mercy24-VI
JULIANDescendant of Julio28-I

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