Errors in the treatment of infantile enuresis

Errors in the treatment of infantile enuresis

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There are false beliefs about the treatment of enuresis. It is necessary to clarify certain aspects of the treatment so that, although our objective is to solve enuresis in children, we avoid developing other disorders.

Enuresis is the intentional or involuntary repeated passing of urine. From the age of 5, if the child continues to urinate at night in bed, this is when it begins to be considered that he may have this disorder: enuresis.

- Limit fluids:
Many of the enuretic children have, especially in the afternoon, a compulsive thirst that leads them to drink a lot ... and the truth is that it seems that limiting fluids is rarely an effective measure to avoid wet bed. In practice it only serves to create unnecessary family discussion situations. However, in some cases, the child may benefit from limiting liquid intake, especially with regard to beverages that contain caffeine, and drinking it just before bedtime.

- Try picking him up at night to pee (so he won't wet the bed):
Picking them up to urinate at night does not help cure bedwetting. On the contrary, since these children tend to urinate more than once during the same night, it is common that they are already wet when they are going to be raised, or that they wet the bed a few hours later. This situation then generates a doubly frustrating situation: on the one hand the wet bed and on the other the discomfort of having made a useless sacrifice. There are isolated cases in which this practice is effective and does not represent a great family sacrifice.

- Exercises to increase bladder capacity, not to be confused with learning to retain:
It seems that they are not usually beneficial, neither in the healing process of enuresis nor to wake up with a dry bed.

- Avoid putting on diapers:
This is something that parents do relatively frequently and not only does it come to nothing but it further affects the child's self-esteem. You have to try to take the problem calmly and make him feel safe, and the diapers for these children are intended to be panties or briefs.

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