Alphabet. Children's short stories to teach letters

Alphabet. Children's short stories to teach letters

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If your child is starting with letters in school, and you are looking for children's stories to facilitate the task, on our site you can find this story called Alphabet.

Given the number of letters that exist in the alphabet, it is very normal that children sometimes find it a bit difficult to retain them. If it costs them, try with short stories, it will surely help them!

The TO told the B to comment to the C if I could tell the D to tell the AND what, in secret, the F.

When she learned of such a betrayal, she joined forces with the G and they went to look for the H.

Then they called the J who knew the I and, all together, they chatted with the K about what happened.

The Kwithout hesitating for a second, he appeared before the L who called the M and advised the N to look for the Ñ.

Once they met in a secret conference they sent a statement to the OR who went quickly to the P's office, which is next to the Q and close to the R, so it was easy to update them on everything.

And in a flash, they had found out too the S, the T, the U and the V. For its part, W, who never found out well about anything, asked the X to play him as a spy and go, along with the Y, to find out what was going on.

Finally everything reached the ears of Z who, as a sensible letter that he was, sent them all for a walk and continued to shake and stomp while he gobbled carrots without stopping.


Alphabet is a story by Dolores Espinosa.

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