The Adventures of a New Mom in Comics

The Adventures of a New Mom in Comics

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Alison wong She is a woman who was overwhelmed, like many others, when her first child was born. But she decided to take what was happening to her with humor and capture all the experiences of the baby's first year of life: frustration, fatigue, overwhelm, tears and laughter, chaos, surprise or happiness, without using many words.

As it did? With a comic strip called 'New mam comics'with which many moms in addition to seeing ourselves represented, we can laugh at everything that happens to us in the baby's first year.

Alison chose to laugh at everything that was happening to herIn order not to live her baby's childhood with stress and anxiety, she decided to use what she did best, drawing, as therapy. And, although she works as a designer, one of her great passions since she was a child was comics, and thanks to it, she was able to live with humor the most difficult days of raising her baby. Alison posts her comics on Facebook and on her blog. Here are some examples:

All of us who are parents know that children give us great moments and are capable of bringing out the best in us, of making us surprise again and of being touched to infinity. But we also know that not all are rosy days, and there are difficult everyday moments. Alison Wong gives us a lesson and teaches us to laugh at them, even when the baby 'crushes' us.

Feeding the baby can be an exercise not suitable for everyone, it is a 'survival test' in which it is put to the test the most extreme patience and imagination, Or else, who has not used the most absurd and unspeakable technique to make the child open his mouth?

We parents are capable of facing anything. Snot and poop, even the most stinking, are peccata minuta. We have so much experience that we could change a diaper into what a child says: 'Mom, I don't want to go to school today'.

The dangers when the baby begins to crawl, sleepless nights, the first teeth, visits to the doctor, folding the baby's stroller ... Each and every one of the situations of a mother's daily life is reflected in this strip comical, funny and real as life itself.

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