Foods that help reduce cellulite after childbirth

Foods that help reduce cellulite after childbirth

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For many new moms, the physical changes of the pregnancy they are a real nuisance. Regaining the weight after the baby is born is important for many women, and also removing the traces of fluid retention that cause blemishes such as cellulite. Although it is something completely normal that can also be experienced without having given birth, it is advisable to know what feeding can be worn to get rid of cellulitis.

- Tomatoes: the antioxidant properties of the natural tomato contribute to reduce the retention of liquids. This food is ideal for reducing cellulite that appears inappropriately in the pregnancy and that sometimes remains in the area of ​​the legs, belly and buttocks after delivery. Some of their recipes can be in salads, accompanied by chickpeas, or in stuffed eggs. The vitamin C The one that tomatoes have also helps the skin to be smoother.

- Vegetables: Several green leafy foods can appear in this group, such as broccoli or spinach. These have natural diuretic properties, and they are also anti-inflammatory, so fluids will not be retained and cellulite will disappear if we eat a balanced diet rich in this type of food.

- Lemon: Citrus fruits are essential when it comes to reduce cellulite or orange peel. A lemon juice, or seasoning meals with it, can help this imperfection such as cellulite to disappear after childbirth. It is not the only fruit from the citrus group that removes cellulite, since in this list we also find grapefruit or orange.

- Pineapple: It is the most diuretic fruit, which helps not only to lose weight, but also to prevent cellulite from establishing itself forever in the body. Pineapple has a main active ingredient called bromelain, which precisely helps cellulite disappear as if by magic, because it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

- Yes to water, no to salt:But without a doubt, to get the liquids to disappear from the body, and by the way that cellulite is only a bad dream, it is recommended to drink a lot of water. The fluid intake how water contributes to the disappearance of retention, incongruous as it may seem, since although it is not noticed without dehydration helps the skin to produce these types of problems. In addition, the consumption of salt should also be reduced considerably, because this makes the dermis precisely dehydrated, which favors cellulite.

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