The most suitable sport for your child according to his personality

The most suitable sport for your child according to his personality

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What sport is the most suitable for my child? It is a very common question in parents and it is that there are a wide variety of sports to be able to practice and not all of them are suitable for all children. There is a sport for every age, for every type of personality and for every need that children have.

For example, a shy child would benefit from doing a team sport because it will help them socialize, and a lazy child would be better off doing an individual sport because it would force them to work hard.

The choice of a sport is a task that must be done between the son and his parents. But it is important, above all, to respect the taste and interest of children, and never force them to do something they do not like.

They are the ones who have to decide if they are willing to sacrifice for competitive sport, which needs greater involvement, or prefer that their child continue to exercise for fun and entertainment; And, is that, a competition school requires maximum assistance and support, strict nutrition, very marked schedules, etc.

Choosing the most suitable sport for children requires knowing their tastes, physical and bodily capacities, possibilities, character and needs:

- For shy children: team sports - volleyball, basketball, soccer orhandball- can be a good option as it will help them to socialize and share experiences with other children.

- For restless or nervous children: with lack of concentration, but workers when they are motivated, better to opt for theathletics, cycling or swimming.

- For perfectionist kids: With self-control and capacity for suffering, the best are individual sports such as sports gymnastics, children's tennis, or martial arts.

- For strong and confident children: you can opt for sports like rugby.

- For very agile children: skiing on snow or in the water might be a good choice. In all cases, it is best to seek the guidance of the teacher before making any decisions. He will know how to better evaluate which is the ideal sport for each boy or girl.

- For children in need of discipline: Martial arts like taekwondo, judo, or karate are ideal sports.

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