Shopping for the mother before delivery

Shopping for the mother before delivery

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The day that the pregnant woman has to go to the maternity ward to give birth to her baby will surely be a day she will never forget.

Whether it is due to emotions, nerves, or some setback, it will be a special day and that is why you must prepare for it. One of the things that you cannot forget to bring to the hospital is the documentation.

You must always carry your identity document in your bag, as well as your health card. It is also advisable that you include in your suitcase some spare clothes for yourself and the first clothes for your baby, for example bodysuits, hats and booties, as well as a camera to enjoy their first images.

And, apart from that, some articles and products that will be useful to you:

- Absorbent pack suitable for postpartum.

- Coat

- Slippers.

- Sets of nightgowns that are easy to use for breastfeeding.

- Panties one size larger than what you wore before pregnancy. Some women prefer disposables for these first few days.

- Postpartum tape or girdle.

- Comfortable and loose clothing for the day of medical discharge.

- Products for intimate hygiene: toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, towels.

- 2 bras for breastfeeding.

- A box of breast pads.

- Cosmetics, if you want to be radiant for visits

- Photographic machine and video camera.

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