Squats to regain your figure after childbirth

Squats to regain your figure after childbirth

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For many moms, losing the figure after pregnancy is a headache. Although the health of the baby is the most important thing, mothers also want to feel beautiful and healthy after having experienced the precious process of being pregnant.

Getting the figure back is not easy, but with the help of a healthy diet and regular exercise the body can recover progressively after delivery. The squats or squat They are one of the simplest exercises, which can be done at home and which help the figure to return to what it was.

- Squats forward:The front squat is done in a very simple way, and it is flexing the legs together forward. The body does not vary, since the thighs are together and the knees are also, and the interesting thing is to keep the back straight when doing the repetitions, to go up and down by contracting the abdomen and strengthening the pelvic floor.

- Side squats: To do squats, you do not need to have your body facing straight ahead, but you can also lie on your side to strengthen the glutes and legs. It is about separating the legs, and then flexing one of them while the body gradually turns to that side. We can keep one of the arms akimbo at the waist, and the other on the head. Afterwards, it is necessary to change legs so that both know the same intensity in the muscles.

- Back squat: It is the best known, and does not keep any secret. The important thing is to separate the legs and flex them at the same time towards the front, putting the arms as close together as possible in the same direction as the legs, but without them coming together. Depending on our elasticity and resistance, we must know the number of repetitions that we are willing to endure.

- Lunge squat: It can be the most complicated when it comes to recovering after childbirth because it is the one that costs the most, but of course it is one of the most effective. It is about putting ourselves with the body facing forward, with the arms crossed, to effectively stride forward, leaving one leg bent and the other straight. We can change from one to another or do small push-ups with the leg which is bent so that the leg muscles pull up and we recover faster from pregnancy.

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