Riddles to encourage logical thinking in children

Riddles to encourage logical thinking in children

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Riddles have many benefits for children. It is one of the best games, because it activates many areas of the brain, for example, that of logical and deductive reasoning and that of memory.

If you want to teach your child to think logically, nothing better than these puzzles and riddles. Although we warn, many parents also have a hard time figuring out the result.

1. Here you have the first riddle. In this case, it is visual, so it is activated visual logical reasoning. Look at the photo above. In which parking space is the car?

2. To the riddle of the picker, You need four pens or markers and a ball of paper. You have to place the pens in the shape of a dustpan, like an unopened square with one of the pens acting as a handle. The puzzle is the following: How do you get the ball to stay out by moving only two pencils?

3. You have six glasses: three empty and three with water. The first three glasses are filled with water, and the next three are empty. How do you make that, by moving a single glass, the line of glasses alternates? (A full glass, another empty ...).

4. What is black when clean and white when dirty?

5. You are driving a bus that goes from Madrid to Paris. In Madrid 15 people get on, and in Barcelona five get off. How old is the driver?

6. The harp has four. The violin has six. The guitar has eight. What are we talking about?

7. A math question: How many times can 1 be subtracted from the number 1,111?

8. How does a person who falls from a 50-story building survive?

9. You have to make a house like this, without lifting the pen from the paper or going through the same place twice.

10. And here is the last riddle: What is the word that if you pronounce it right is wrong and if you pronounce it wrong is right?

Do not rush. Sometimes, you have to spend a little more time thinking about the puzzles ... But if you have already spent time and you still do not find out the result ... nothing happens, here is the solution.

1. In square 87. You have to look at the drawing upside down. The children get it right right away, because they imagine the car entering their square. We are looking for more complex explanations!

2. Move the top pen only half ... and now put the pen or pen on the right, top left.

3. Move the second full glass and empty it into the penultimate empty glass. He returns the glass that was full and is now empty in its place. Magic!

4. The blackboard.

5. Your age. You're driving the bus!

6. We talk about the number of letters in each word.

7. Just once. The next would be to subtract 1 from 1,110.

8. Falling from the first floor.

9. It's a matter of practice. Start at the bottom, never on the roof. Do a zeta from right to left, then lower to close the zeta, towards the lower right end, you go up to form the wall on the right and now you do the roof, you go down to make the left wall ... and voila!

10. Bad.

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