Cesarean section in childbirth. Causes and care

Cesarean section in childbirth. Causes and care

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Cesarean section is a method used by gynecologists as a last resort when natural or vaginal delivery is unfeasible. In some cases, cesarean delivery is scheduled due to the characteristics of the pregnancy itself, to guarantee the health of the mother and the baby, or because during labor the need to resort to instrumentalized delivery due to some complication arises.

However, in some places the mother can choose whether to deliver by caesarean section or natural. We explain what a cesarean delivery is and what it consists of. Everything you need to know about instrumentalized births is here.

What is respected caesarean section. There is much talk about respected childbirth such as that delivery where medical instruments are used as little as possible, as well as anesthesia. But, a caesarean section, can it also be respected? What does this mean exactly?

When is a cesarean section necessary. When Do Doctors Recommend Cesarean Section? Causes and reasons for performing an instrumentalized delivery instead of a vaginal delivery. Problems during labor.

Caesarean section scar care. How to take care of the scar after a cesarean delivery. The woman who has undergone cesarean section should avoid housework, lifting weights, driving, and any effort that increases abdominal pressure for a time.

How to recover from a cesarean section. Recovering from a C-section is slower than recovering from a vaginal delivery. The reason is that while childbirth is considered a physiological act, cesarean section is a surgical intervention. For this reason, you will have to stay in the hospital for a few more days (3 to 5), than if you had given birth after a vaginal delivery.

How is the cesarean delivery. The procedure of a cesarean delivery. Cesarean section is always the last resort when, due to some problem, it is impossible to carry out a vaginal delivery. Cesarean delivery involves making a cut or incision in the abdomen and uterus to facilitate delivery of the baby.

Cesarean section: good or bad ?. We answer the question: cesarean delivery, good or bad? The advantages and disadvantages of having a good cesarean delivery and the bad of having a cesarean delivery, for both the baby and the mother.

Recovery with reflexology. Reflexology is also helpful postpartum. It helps, for example, in the case of cesarean sections, to recover earlier and to improve the mood. We tell you what reflexology can do for you if you have had a cesarean delivery.

Prevent cesarean section with exercise. Cesarean delivery, how to avoid it. Spanish researchers have shown how the percentage of instrumental and caesarean deliveries has been reduced in women who practice regular physical exercise.

Animation of a cesarean delivery. Explanatory video in which, step by step, everything that happens in a cesarean delivery is related. In the animation you can see what happens in a cesarean delivery in a very educational way.

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