Safety tips in playgrounds for children

Safety tips in playgrounds for children

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As we always say, each child is a world in terms of needs, preferences, desires and abilities. For this reason, parents should seek to stimulate them according to the profile that their children have. Some children go to the park to build castles in the sand. Others prefer to jump off the slide or swing on the swings.

In any case, the safety and care of children must be a constant. When you take your children to the park it is necessary that you take into account a series of precautions.

1- Parents, caregivers or the person who takes care of the children should never lose sight of them, just as the child has to know at all times where that person is to feel safe and protected.

2- Familiarize yourself with the park and its surroundings, checking that there are no objects that could cause any harm to the little one. A splinter of glass on the floor can spoil an afternoon of fun for your child.

3- Before your child gets on any device, take a look at the storage conditions of the device, that is, if the ropes are well attached, if there are any damaged games, etc. Prevention is better than cure.

4- Try to dress your child with comfortable and colorful clothes so that the child is always visible.

5- Do not allow your child to use devices for which he is not properly prepared or that is not appropriate for his age. Only you know what he is capable of. That is not to say that you do not encourage him to try new games. But all with caution.

6- Teach your child to take care of himself, for example, not letting him pass someone who is swinging.

7- If you smoke, don't throw your cigarette butt on the park floor. Take care of your child and other children.

8- Encourage your child's social relationships. Teach him to share the toys (bucket, shovel, etc.) used in the sand, to reconcile games with other children, and to wait his turn to ride the swings.

10- Teach your child to play on the gadgets and watch him without him noticing.

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