The beauty of birth through the lens of photographers

The beauty of birth through the lens of photographers

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The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) holds a photo contest every year to choose the best birth photos. The contest, which is now in its fifth edition, consists of three categories: before delivery, delivery and postpartum.

The Association has published on its website the photos of the winning photographers, however, the lucky ones are all the rest, since we can enjoy the art of great professionals and also admire the beauty of a baby's birth seen through a photographic lens.

Photo: Monet Nicole

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers was created as a result of an increase in photographers who decided to focus their careers on photographing births. This specialization also gives rise to the prizes awarded each year by a jury belonging to the organization and made up of photographers, psychologists and journalists.

The photos really deserve to be admired, in it you can capture the strength, tenderness, pain and emotion of the moment. In them the light, the frame and the focus are measured with absolute precision to obtain the best result.

However, more and more parents are launching into the world of 'amateur' photography and we obtain photos of each of the moments of our life and that of our children. We may not win awards, or dedicate so much technical effort to them, but we do reflect indelible, unique and unrepeatable moments. And all those snapshots become part of our most important scrapbook, one of our most precious assets.

Belgian Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie won first prize in 2016 with her photo: Giving birth under water, the baby with curly hair. This photographer who defines herself as a daughter, sister, friend and mother hesitated at 18 between being a photographer or an obstetrician and her final choice was: a birth photographer.

Apple Blossom Families won with this photo the contest in its category 'Labor'. A shocking photograph through which the pain of contractions and the strength of the mother reach us, pushing with all her might so that her baby is born.

Birth Blessings Photography & Childbirth Services won the award for best birth photography with the stunning image of the birth of twin babies under water.

Natalia Walth Photography's relaxing image of a mother with her baby in her arms after birth, titled 'Where Peace Begins', won the award in the postpartum category.

In addition, other images received special mentions, such as this one from Alexandra Kayy, a shocking image of a baby during birth with eyes wide open and that they have really aptly titled 'Between Two Worlds'

All these photos, and the strength they acquire in social networks when they go viral, help to understand the process of childbirth and, above all, the different options and choices that a couple makes when giving birth.

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