The mother tongue is the first language that babies learn

The mother tongue is the first language that babies learn

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From the moment we are born until we die, there will always be a language with which we will speak and identify with. It will be our mother tongue, the one we learn when we are very young, the one spoken by our mothers, our fathers ... Languages ​​are our heritage, our identity, that is why the mother tongue is so important, since is the first we recognize when we are babieseven when we were in the womb.

Usually, a mother's voice is recognized by the baby from the 20th week of pregnancy. It is the first great stimulus that he receives from the outside. But the baby not only hears the sound of his mother's voice as well as identifies and recognizes the language with which she speaks to him and to others.

Some research has revealed that the language or language experienced in the womb is recognized by the baby after birth. Even if the baby has parents who speak different languages, he is able to tell them apart. So you can say that there are babies who are bilingual before they are born.

All this explains, for example, that when my daughter was still a baby, I always spoke to her in Spanish. His father, who is Brazilian, spoke to him in Portuguese. It turns out that since I am also Brazilian, I spoke to her first in Spanish so that she would not have difficulties later in school, my daughter's mother tongue is Spanish. We speak to her in Portuguese but she always answers us in Spanish. The good thing about all this is that, although her mother tongue is Spanish, she understands and speaks Portuguese perfectly with her Brazilian relatives, thanks to the fact that she has always heard us speaking in this language.

The mother tongue It is the first to be learned, it is the language that we acquire naturally from before our birth. So it is recommended that moms and dads who are pregnant, realize how important is the language with which they speak with their baby. It will be the language he will speak for the rest of his life.

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