Advantages and disadvantages of having a protective sibling

Advantages and disadvantages of having a protective sibling

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On many occasions we speak of protective parents who can damage the children's self-esteem if they go from protection to over protection, but if the parents are not like that, the siblings may be. A sibling usually feels the need to protect his brother when he is younger or when he believes that someone may do something wrong to him.

That one brother protects another is not necessarily a bad thing in terms of the bond between the two, because it means that they love each other and that they want the best for each other. The only thing this protection can be beneficial or not. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of having protective siblings.

1. The younger brother will have the opportunity to try things before other friends because older siblings will teach you to do it. You can learn to ride a bike earlier or get some strategy game.

2. There will be a nice feeling of protection because despite the differences that may exist between siblings, they will grow up with a sense of security that can only exist thanks to having an older brother. The brother will know that he would do anything to keep you safe, that he will help you with whatever you need because the bond that exists is unbreakable.

3. When the younger brother has a problem, he can feel the reassurance of that he has his brother to help him solve it. No matter what it is, the two of you can find the solution.

4. The protective brother will be paving the way for the brother to pass. When the younger brother goes down that same road can teach you how to take care of yourself because he already did it before. That is, it will teach you through experience.

1. The younger brother may feel somewhat insecure when doing things for yourself without the help of the protective brother. If the older brother does everything to him, it is likely that the feeling of incapacity and low self-esteem will not take long to arrive, there needs to be a balance.

2. Sometimes the protective brother can confuse the roles and act more like a father than a brother. Relationships between siblings to be healthy and healthy must always be horizontal and never vertical.

3. Feeling overprotected can be a problem since the protected brother will feel that he has the alibi freedom and that the protective brother watches any of his movements to know if he is doing the right thing or not.

4. In the case of the little brother, he may end up in a that others call him 'the little brother of'. This makes them feel bad because it is a person with a name and surname, they do not want to be known as someone's little brother, each one is a totally different person.

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