Darth Vader mask. Children's crafts

Darth Vader mask. Children's crafts

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In we teach you to make a darth vader mask for the children's costume of the children most followers of Star Wars.

A children's craft to create a homemade costume easily and economically. With these steps your child can become the best-known baddie in all of Star Wars. Additionally, you can complete the mask with Vader's full costume.

  • Glue gun
  • Black and white eva rubber
  • Elastic rubber
  • Pair of scissors
  • Our site template

1. Print and cut out the helmet template and helmet decoration template

2. Put the helmet template on black foam rubber and cut out. Use the template to decorate with white foam rubber.

3. Cut out strips of black foam rubber and a small circle and stick them on the piece of white foam rubber.

4. Put the rubber band on the black foam rubber and stick the white one on top.

5. Now you just have to cut out the part of the eyes and give it to the child to say: 'I am your father'.

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