Educate in values. Love of nature

Educate in values. Love of nature

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It is very important that children, from a very young age, learn, through their parents and educators, to respect and value nature. The love for nature will lead them to love and appreciate the natural world and to act in correspondence with these feelings, contributing to its care and preservation.

Children need to understand that the health of the world depends on us all, of what we do to keep everything well cared for, beautiful and radiant. You have to take care of the world. The Earth is our planet, taking care of it is our duty.

To get the children to have Love for nature The best way is to enrich their experiences, plan activities in order to teach them to love the environment, facilitate the child's contact with the countryside, mountains, rivers, and everything that nature encompasses, and give them the possibility to observe, ask questions , and express your ideas regarding the topic. The child can love Nature:

1. By having contact with her whenever possible, for example, on country walks.

2. On excursions to a farm.

3. Learning to plant a tree or learning to garden.

4. Finding and drawing insects, their shapes, their colors

5. Taking care of a pet and respecting animals, rivers, plants and their flowers.

6. Visiting a botanical garden.

7. Not throwing garbage in the street, in the field, nor in the rivers and sea.

8. Saving water and electricity.

9. Following the example, the interest and care of their parents for the subject.

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