Pinto and Pandora's wedding. Love poem for children

Pinto and Pandora's wedding. Love poem for children

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Poetry is great for children. It improves your concentration, enhances your memory and is also a good transmitter of values ​​and messages.

With the poem Wedding, the child will learn to recognize the meaning of love and fidelity. How? Through a funny story between a rooster and a hen.

At Isidora's farm

a big wedding is being held,

Don Gallo Pinto is getting married

with the chicken Pandora.

The godparents are two ducks,

family friends,

the duck is called Cosme,

the leg is Dona Jacinta.

Don Cosme wears black,

colored bow tie,

doña Jacinta in red,

of mantilla and with heels.

The groom, Don Gallo Pinto,

with a nice morning coat,

he also wears a bow tie,

He has turned it upside down!

The bride comes nervous

with a dress to the feet,

at the church door,

has hit a big misstep.

Behind the beautiful bride

two little bunnies,

the tail of her dress,

they hold with their paws.

They follow them in procession,

Doña Púa and Don Antón,

they are the bride's parents,

they are crying with emotion.

Two very small chicks

they wear the alliances,

they are both very unruly,

they wear white headbands.

The goldfinch is singing

has a nice voice,

he accompanies the organ

the pig, Don Hilarión.

He waits for you in the church,

Doña Claudia, the parrot,

on the farm she takes care

of all ceremonies.

Pandora is very happy,

loves Gallo Pinto very much,

looks at him with tender eyes,

caresses it with his beak.

Gallo Pinto excited,

touch up his bow tie,

stretch his coat well,

and look at the chicken.

Doña Claudia, the parrot,

he asks everyone for silence,

the great moment has come

to give consent.

Pandora says: 'I do'

trembling with emotion,

Gallo Pinto answers,

hardly a voice comes out.

They both leave very happy

by all accompanied,

the goldfinch sings again,

the wedding has been celebrated.

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