Children: a friend in the hospital

Children: a friend in the hospital

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There is no doubt that if a child is admitted to a hospital it is because he or she encounters some illness or disease that cannot be treated at home.

What many parents wonder is whether a child can visit a sick friend in the hospital. It's advisable?

A few months ago, a friend of my daughter had to be admitted urgently to the hospital because she had kidney problems. When we found out, my daughter jumped in telling us that she would like to visit her. At first, like every cautious mother, I thought about the risks. Risks that my daughter would be infected with a virus, or that she would be infected with some bacteria, but her father intervened and said that it would be a good opportunity for our daughter to visit a hospital and, above all, to keep company and give a moment of attention to her friend. After all, who does not like a visit, and feel loved?

We accompanied her to the hospital, and both our daughter and the other friends who accompanied her were able to enjoy a good time with the hospitalized companion.

Should children visit sick people? This is the question. The decision I think depends on the child, the patient and the situation. A child who is old enough to understand what is going on should probably be allowed to visit a person, as long as the child and the sick person wish. Surely his visit to a hospital will have a special value for him and for the patient. It is important to convey a positive message from patients to children. Tell them that they are there for more special care and that they will heal as soon as possible.

Today, in many hospitals, there are already spaces designed especially for children, with a play area, toys, with cheerful drawings and colors on the walls and doors, and specialized care for children. If the admitted child, for some reason, cannot receive visitors, it would be advisable for your child to draw a picture, a card or a letter, and send it to his sick friend. That is sure to make you feel more cheerful, lively and loved.

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