Origami shirts. Paper crafts

Origami shirts. Paper crafts

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Are you looking for a craft to give to dad for Father's Day? In We propose you to make an original, different and very easy to create gift.

It is about paper shirts made according to the art of origami or origami. By making folds to a paper we can create beautiful compositions at the same time that we enhance concentration and fine motor skills.

  • Colored paper
  • Rope
  • Clothes pegs
  • Buttons

1- Fold a sheet of paper in half vertically and then make two more folds towards the center. Fold the top ends outward, as in the picture.

2- Fold a piece of a centimeter from the opposite end inwards and then make two folds again at the upper ends.

3- Fold the sheet in half and tuck the bottom end over what will be the collar of the shirt.

4- Glue paper buttons or ties on the shirt.

5- You can make several shirts and pin them on a rope with tweezers. If you dedicate them to dad, it will be the perfect gift for Father's Day.

Craft made byJuntines Plans

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