The risk of using a mobile phone in pregnancy

The risk of using a mobile phone in pregnancy

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What would we do today without the mobile phone? One morning you forget at home or, suddenly, you run out of battery and your daily routine changes for the worse, you feel disconnected, something is missing ... and that is because for most of us, the mobile phone is not just phone, it's agenda, internet, facebook, twitter ...

Without realizing it we make indiscriminate use of the mobile phone, without stopping to think if so many magnetic waves can be harmful to health, especially during pregnancy.

This is precisely what a team of researchers from the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University have considered and have concluded that el Mobile phone use during pregnancy can lead to later behavioral disorders in the baby and can affect the brain development of the fetus, which could lead to concentration problems and hyperactivity.

The experiment has been carried out with pregnant mice, which were subjected to the radiation of a cell phone turned off and in silence, placed on top of their cage. The team measured the electrical activity of the brains of adult mice that were exposed to radiation and performed a series of psychological and behavioral tests. The researchers found that mice that were exposed to radiation tended to be more hyperactive and had decreased memory capacity.

These changes in behavior are believed to be due to the effect that magnetic waves have on the development of neurons in the prefrontal cortex region of the brain during the pregnancy of mice. And this finding is related to Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity (ADHD), which is a disorder that is located in the same region of the brain.

However, it is still too early to link the consequences of mobile phone radiation on mice and humans, since the pregnancy of rodents lasts only 19 days and the offspring are born with a less developed brain than human babies, therefore that additional research is needed to determine whether the potential risks of radiation exposure are similar during human pregnancy.

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