The mobile phone is not and should not be a toy for children

The mobile phone is not and should not be a toy for children

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A mother writes us worried because she discovers, by chance, that her 7-year-old daughter receives SMS messages from a stranger on her mobile phone. The stranger invited her to have sex and explained what that meant, in simple words for the girl to understand.

The mother took the phone from him, tried to find out who the person was, but could not. He scolded his daughter for having such a conversation, and even prohibited her from accessing the Internet. He blames himself for not being more careful about it. And I keep asking myself: What do young children want a mobile phone for?

My 10-year-old daughter also asks me for a cell phone repeatedly. I ask her why, and she tells me why. Because you can take photos, have fun with games, and sometimes call friends who already have mobile phones.

To tell the truth, nothing my daughter says convinces me. I do not consider it convenient for children to have a mobile phone. They don't need it at all, at all. What I do believe is that a vicious circle has been created among all the children at school, and worse, with the signature of some parents. As my friend has bought one, you have to buy it for me too, and thus a stream without any meaning is formed.

Do children have sufficient capacity and responsibility to make proper use of a mobile phone? So I do not think so. I don't understand what a 7-year-old girl does with a device through which she can receive all kinds of messages, spam, etc. There is no way to control the calls that a girl can receive on her mobile. I assume that parents will not and will not be able to monitor these entrances 24 hours a day. Control should be the girl's, but if she's not ready to put it into practice, she shouldn't have a cell phone or anything that doesn't really need it.

We have to have more control over everything we give to our children. A mobile is not a toy. Idioms often make us make big mistakes. Errors that our children will pay, those who still do not have the capacity or the reason to decide. Avoid all consumption on a whim, and set limits, always.

We must show them that if we do not have the car that the neighbor has, it does not mean that we are worse people than them. Respect for parents who give a mobile phone to their children, who for some need (illnesses, emergencies) teach them to use the device responsibly. But I also respect those who, like me, teach their son that to live he does not have to create demands. They will come when they have to. Anyway, everything is very relative.

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