How to avoid the risk of children being obese

How to avoid the risk of children being obese

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The childhood obesity It is one of the issues that most concern us today. There are alarming data on the increase in overweight in children, so much so that the WHO reports that 42 million children already suffer from obesity.

More and more professionals and institutions are working to raise awareness about this serious health problem and advise us on good eating habits in the family and at school. To avoid the risk that our children may become obese, we must be careful from the first years of childhood, in which the foundations for a correct diet are usually laid and supervised in subsequent years.

According to the WHO, being overweight is no longer a problem only in rich countries, of the 42 million children under five who are obese, 35 million live in low- or middle-income countries. Such is the concern that is being studied to urge governments to take measures to fight childhood obesity

Much of our children's leisure time is usually associated with the consumption of soft drinks and unhealthy food due to the type fats and sugars it contains. And, many times, parents must go against the tide in this society of excess and uncontrolled consumption in all areas, since we are ultimately responsible for their nutrition and education.

We must teach them to be balanced, the intake of calories must be proportional to the wear of these in daily activity. A specific deviation from the ideal diet is not too important, but give free rein to whims on a regular basis, yes you have it.

Wrongly, many times we let children choose their diet among all kinds of not recommended offers: that if a sweet, a juice or smoothie, some industrial pastries ..., but it is our duty to show them a range of healthy foods among which They can choose, for example: a banana, a cheese or sausage sandwich, a yogurt, or even a homemade sponge cake or the typical bread with chocolate for a snack. In the variety is the spice!

A healthy meal does not have to be monotonous, always resorting to the easy or fast, it can end up passing us a too high bill. On the other hand, cooking and eating are a very important part of the physical and intellectual development of our children; remember that cooking is also part of our culture.

Although advertising and lack of time invite us not to move a single pot in the kitchen in order to 'enjoy life', I think it is essential to cook for ourselves and our children, cook with them and teach them to make simple dishes, have set schedules, set the table and eat together. All this supposes the true enjoyment of the family and the definitive incorporation into our home of good eating habits.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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