How to make a homemade Frozen Elsa costume

How to make a homemade Frozen Elsa costume

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Frozen, the kingdom of ice is one of the favorite animated films of children. So much so that since the movie came out, thousands of girls around the world have disguise the protagonist Elsa at Carnival, costume parties or birthdays.

In we teach you to make the costume that Elsa wears in the second part of Frozen, so that, this time instead of spending money to acquire it, you can make it at home and very easily.

  • Green shirt
  • White, green and purple tulle
  • Colored felt
  • Elastic rubber
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

1- Cut out the shapes of various leaves with felt of different shades of green, and with purple felt flowers. Glue them onto a green t-shirt.

2- To make the skirt we will create a tutu and we will not have to sew anything. Cut strips of colored tulle and pass them through an elastic ribbon.

3- You have to patiently intersperse green and purple tulle until you assemble the tutu that will finally be tied to the girl's waist.

4- Cut a piece of white tulle in the shape of a cape and stick to it leaves and flowers of green and purple felt. You already have the three parts of the costume, now you just have to dress the girl with these elements and ... enjoy the Elsa costume!

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