A mother becomes a lioness to defend her children

A mother becomes a lioness to defend her children

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Like a true lioness, a mother from Florida, United States, reacts with strength and courage against two assailants who tried to rob her car, when she had just parked it at a gas station. She did not hesitate for a minute to avoid the theft as she had a great reason: her two children were sitting in the back seat of the car and she was not going to let anyone take them away.

Seeing that one of the thieves had gotten into the car and was trying to start it to get out, the mother grabbed him, dragged him out of the car and the thief ran off. The most surprising thing is that the thief was not alone. His accomplice, who was already in the co-pilot's seat, seeing that the mother had reacted to his partner, has fled.

Amazing what a mother can do to protect and defend her children, right? When viewing the video footage, one can clearly see a feline clawing at the enemy with bravery and determination. She did not hesitate to fight to prevent the thieves from fleeing carrying her children. And you, would you do the same?

Any mother who watches the video can understand why this mother has reacted so vehemently. Children are our treasure, what we love the most in the world, and this mother has it more than clear.

The police officers did not believe what happened. The assailants were arrested and are already in jail. Stories like this serve as a warning to anyone who thinks or tries to rob a mother with her children.

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